Sunday, 15 September 2019

'Best Friends Forever.'

Good afternoon Lovelies,

Thank you for your comments and visits to my last blog post, I did say I would be back soon lol! and here I am, ready to share another card with you all.    This was made using the gorgeous, beautiful new Sue Baker Presents 'Birds & Blossoms Collection.'    I do hope you managed to tune in to the  Create & Craft T.V. Channel at 9am yesterday,  such  brilliant shows, fabulous products and paints to die for lol!  not to mention our lovely Sue herself!    The card below was one of my card samples made for the show and uses the stunning  paints by Cadence.   Hope you enjoy my tutorial.

Stamp the blossom branch in each corner of a 7" x 7" white base card using a black ink pad.

Cut a piece of white card five and a half inches square, cut a 2" circle from a post it note and place it centrally but just above the middle of this piece of card.

Next paint all four Cadence Metallic paint colours - Green blue,  Blue rose,  Gold rose & Gold aqua,  across the card, painting over the post it note circle using a flat paint brush.

                                                            Remove the post it note circle.

Next stamp the birds on a branch in the centre with the heads of the two birds just into the setting sun, using a black ink pad.

Cut out a 2" circle from some white linen effect card and colour with watered down gold finger wax.  Add some brush strokes across the sun with the Cadence Gold rose and Blue rose metallic paints.
Glue the setting sun in position on top of the heads of the birds.   Paint a hillside on the bottom left of the card using the Lilac chalk paint.

           Stamp the sentiment in the top left corner, using a black ink pad.

          Matt this onto a slightly larger square of black card and matt this onto the white base card.

Stamp the birds on a branch onto a spare piece of white card  and colour with Promarker alcohol pens and  cut them out.     

Glue them in position over the original stamped image, their heads just inside the setting sun.

Stamp some of the blossoms on the branch onto some white card, colour them and cut out.  3D them onto the original blossoms, using silicone glue.

Stamp 6 flowers onto a piece of white card using a black ink pad.  Colour with promarker pens, adding some flower stamen using a gold pen.   Glue one on top of the other, making 3 double flowers.

 Add a tiny amount of silicone glue under the top petals of each flower.

                                              Glue one to the bottom left corner of the design.

                                                Glue two to the bottom right corner.

The card is now finished.   I do hope you like it.  I have so enjoyed working with this delightful collection.

Look after yourselves and I will be back again very soon with another one of my card samples that was made for the Sue Baker Presents shows  yesterday on the Create & Craft Channel.

Catch you all again soon my Lovelies.

                                                                     Love and rainbows,

                                                                  Crafty Hugs,   Jennifer xx.



Thursday, 12 September 2019

Snow Queen Sparkles.

Good Afternoo n All,

How are you? well I hope.   Thank you for your comments and visits to my last blog post, much appreciated.   Tonight I have another card to share with you,  which I made using the Sue Baker Presents gorgeous Snow Queen Collection.   I  know I'm repeating myself but this really is a beautiful collection and I have had so much pleasure and satisfaction using the collection.

Take a  6 " square of white card and colour it with the Ashy Rose, Lavender Blue and White Cadence Fabric Paints, using a brayer, working across the card from left to right, until the colours are well blended.

  When dry, lay the 'Sparkles' stencil on top and secure to your work surface with masking tape.

 Spread the 'Midnight Ice' Sparkle Medium over the whole design, then add a touch of the  'Diamond' Sparkle Medium over the top in the odd place using a metal spatula.

                                            Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.

Stamp  the word 'Magical' in the bottom right corner of the white 7" x 7" base card, using the Amethyst pigment pad and heat emboss with clear embossing powder.

Matt and layer the the Sparkle Medium design onto a slightly larger piece of amethyst coloured card.  
                                              Next matt this onto the white base card.

Stamp the Snow Queen onto a piece of white card using the Amethyst pigment pad and heat emboss using clear embossing powder.   Colour her with Promarker pens.   I used - Cinnamon,  Sandstone, Shale, Orchid, Amethyst, Bluebell and Blush.   Cut out.

Stamp her again onto white card using the Versacolor 'Icicle' pigment pad (blue shades) this time and heat emboss with clear embossing powder.    

From the second image, cut out her dress and the outside edges of  her cloak and the fur around it.   Colour the shoulders and hood of the cloak with Promarker pens.
Colour the dress from the second stamped image with Promarker pens.   Add some tiny dots of Silver Starlight Paint to the centre of each snowflake on her dress, using a small cocktail stick.   Glue her dress onto the original image using silicone glue.

Add some glue to the fur around her cloak and hood and glue onto the original image.   When dry add some Magi-Bond glue around the fur on her hood and cloak.   Sprinkle on some Polar White Flower Soft.   Shake off the excess and leave to dry. 

                                            Glue the Snow Queen to the white base card.

The card is now finished, hope you like it.    Take care of yourselves until my next blog, which hopefully won't be too long.    My next post will be another card made using ' Sue Baker Presents', latest Collection 'Birds & Blossoms' and I know you will just adore this collection as it is stunning!   Please tune in to the Create & Craft  T.V. Channel this Saturday morning at 9am. to see this gorgeous collection, you won 't want to miss this one !!   Yet again, another  fab Collection!!!    See you again soon.

                                                                Love and Rainbows,

                                                                  Hugs   Jennifer xx.  


Wednesday, 4 September 2019

The Crystal Ball Butterfly.

Hello Everyone,

Well, what a change in the weather!  A feel of Autumn is in the air.   Today is wet, windy and really quite cold here.   Hope the weather is better where you are.   This is a good day to write up my blog post I think.   Hopefully I will get it finished and posted before our Grandson arrives home from school.

My card today is another, made using the 'Sue Baker Presents' beautiful  'Snow Queen Collection.'   I just love this collection and can't stop making cards with it lol!   new ideas popping into my head all the time.   My next card is the last thing on my mind when I go to bed and the first in the morning when I wake up.....(note to self....'must get out more lol' )  what am I like lol!   Well, onto today's card and here it is:-

Take a  6"  square of white card and colour it using the light blue and the light purple Mixed Media Ink sprays,  spritz them onto a glass work mat,  adding a few sprays of water,   Lay the card face down on top of the inks and gently rub your hand over the card.  Lift up the card and if you are happy with the result, leave to air dry, or use a heat gun.

When dry, draw a circle in the centre of the card as a guide, using a pencil,  (I used a circle die).   Stamp the small butterfly around the circle, (leaving a space unstamped in the bottom right), using a black inkpad.

Colour the butterflies with watered down amethyst and hibiscus Starlight Paints.   Rub away the pencilled circle.

Using the silver pigment pad, stamp the beautiful  sentiment in the bottom right corner of the coloured card and heat emboss with silver embossing powder.

Die-cut a scalloped circle approximately three & a half inches in diameter from white card.   Using a black inkpad, stamp the Snow Queen onto it.   Colour her cloak with watered down light purple spray ink, adding some watered down amethyst Starlight paint, her face with watered down Victorian Velvet distress ink, her hair with  chestnut Starlight paint  adding a little touch of  watered down rich gold, as highlights in her hair.

                                  Add some silver Starlight paint to her crown of icicles. 

                               Glue this scalloped  circle to the inside of the stamped circle

Matt this card onto a slightly larger square of black card and then onto the white 7" x 7" base card.

Stamp the closed winged butterfly onto a piece of acetate using an archival black inkpad 3 times,  (we only need 2, plus a spare in case one gets spoiled).    Colour the unstamped side of the butterfly images with the hibiscus and amethyst Starlight paints.   Add a little  watered down colour  to the crystal ball using the inks and a small amount of Starlight paint to the swirl in the ball.

       I have put the acetate onto a piece of white paper so it can bee seen against my glass work mat.
Cut around the butterfly.   Repeat once again but this time, only cut out the nearest wing.   3D these onto the scalloped circle, as though the butterfly is sitting on top of the crystal ball, using silicone glue.

Well that's it finished my friends, hope you like it as much as I enjoyed making it.   Time for me to sign off now but I  would just like to thank you all once again for your comments and visits, I appreciate each and every one lol!   Take care of yourselves until my next post, which hopefully will  be quite soon.

                                                                Love and rainbows,

                                                             Big crafty hugs to you all,

                                                                        Jennifer xx.   


Friday, 30 August 2019

Encaustic Art Snow Queen.

Hello there my lovely Friends,  Followers and Visitors,

Another weekend is here, goodness me,  they do seem to come around very quickly lol!  wish they would slow down a little ha! ha!  could do with a little extra time lol!

Thank you so much for your comments and visits to my last blog post.   I do hope you enjoyed your visit and that you may have been inspired  to have a go at this  relaxing and creative hobby.
I would like to share another of my sample cards, made for the  'Sue Baker Presents'  shows on the Create & Craft T.V. Channel in July 2019.   This card is made using the stamps from the gorgeous 'Snow Queen Collection.'   I have also used the Encaustic Art technique, using wax and a hot iron for the background.

Take a piece of smooth, shiny card approximately  four inches by five and three quarters inches.   Add some blue, white and silver waxes to an up-turned warm encaustic iron and run the iron over the card from left to right, until you are happy with the results.   If you work the waxes too much, the colours just turn muddy.

                                In this case I was wanting the wax background to look like ice.


Stamp the Snow Queen image onto the wax using a grey Stazon ink pad rather than black, as a more subtle effect is wanted.

Colour a small piece of acetate with the Stream, Denim and Cranberry Alcohol Inks, plus a little blending solution, using  a blending tool.

                   Cut 4 triangular pieces from this and glue one in each corner of the waxed card.

                                      Matt this onto a slightly larger piece of metallic grey card.

Using the grey Stazon ink pad, stamp the crystal ball only,  onto the coloured  acetate   Cut this out and glue onto the original stamped crystal ball on the waxed card, stamped side up.

           Using a black inkpad, stamp the sentiment in the bottom left corner of the white base card.

                          Matt the waxed image onto the right-hand side of the white base card.

 Glue three lavender gems to the top left and  3 gems to the bottom right corners of the base card.
Stamp the large butterfly onto some spare white card, using a black inkpad.   Colour it with some Amethyst and Hibiscus Starlight Paints (watered down).

Trim around the butterfly and fix to the left of the base card using silicone glue under each wing, to add some dimension to the card.

Well that's all my friends, hope you like tonight's card.   I first tried Encaustic Art many years ago, had lots of fun using this technique, then the waxes and iron were put away and forgotten about for many years!   Whilst tidying up in my craft room, I came across them and thought I would incorporate a waxed background for this card, something a little different lol!

  Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you enjoy your visit.   Take good care of yourselves and I will be back with yet another card, made using this beautiful Snow Queen Collection by Sue Baker Presents.    I have to say, I could go on and on making cards with this collection!

                                                                Love and rainbows,
                                      Happy Crafting and big hugs,  catch you all again soon.

                                                                       Jennifer xx.