Thursday, 17 May 2018

'Sunset Rendevous.'

Hello everyone,

Well we have had another glorious day here today,    I just cannot believe this fabulous weather has lasted so long!   hope it lasts until after the Bank Holiday coming up soon!    I do hope you have had lovely weather too, it certainly can make a difference to how we feel.    I would like to welcome my latest blog Follower, I hope you enjoy your visits.  I'm sorry I'm not sure of your name, as I've lost  track of  who is the last person to follow lol!     Maybe you could let me know by leaving me a comment.   I do like to hear your thoughts on my creations.

I found a new way to use Sparkle Medium in 2016.    If  I had any left over Sparkle Medium when making a card and could not put it back in the pot, as I would contaminate the colour, I spread the left over Medium  onto a plastic pocket and left it to dry.   When dry, I scrape it up, using a metal spatula and pop it into an empty pot.   I then use scissors to cut it up into small pieces, ready to use on my  cards.   This is what I have used on tonight's card.

Cut a piece of white card, slightly smaller than the 6" x 6" white scalloped card.   Colour this with the Stormy sky and Victorian velvet Distress Inks, using a piece of torn paper, moving the torn paper down the card, colouring as you go,    Add some watered down White gold Starlight paint to the edges of the clouds.

Using a black ink pad, stamp the magnolia flower stamp around all four edges of the piece of card.

Next stamp the sentiment in the top left corner and the dancing fairies in the centre of the card, using a black ink pad.

Glue this card onto the white scalloped base card using double sided tape or glue, whichever you prefer.

Take some Imagination Craft's Magi-bond glue and put it under the feet of the fairies, then add some of the cut, dried Sparkle Medium to the glue, gently pressing it into the glue and leave to dry.

Well that's this card finished, I hope you like it.   Enjoy the rest of your evening and I will be back again soon.

                                                              Love and rainbows,

                                                               Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Friday, 11 May 2018

My 'Sweet Children' Canvas Journal.

Hello there Everyone,

Hope you are all well and enjoying life.   Thank you all for visiting and commenting on my last blog post.   My day has been quiet but  busy, making samples for the Imagination Craft's next shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel later this month.   Well onto tonight's project, my canvas journal which was given a very quick airing on the last shows at the end of April.

Begin by removing the back and front covers  of the  journal from the spiral spine.   This makes it much easier to decorate.   Colour both with the Pink, Green, Navy blue and White Fashion Spray inks.

When dry, stamp the crackle effect stamp across the top and bottom of the front cover, with White Gold Starlight paint.   Spread some of the paint onto a work mat and dab a piece of cut 'n' dry foam into it, then gently dab onto the stamp, just remember to wash your stamp immediately you have finished stamping, as this paint will dry very quickly and may be difficult to remove later.

Go over this stamping again, using a black ink pad, moving the stamp down a little, giving a slight shadow effect.

Take out all but one of the Magi-Cutz lace designs from the Magi-Cutz leaving the outer square in tact.   Paint with the White gold Starlight paint.

Using scissors, cut out the girls from the rice paper and using the decoupage glue, glue this to a piece of white card.

Glue the Magi-Cutz frame and remaining lace corner onto the rice paper image using Magi-bond glue.   Glue this to the front cover of the journal.

Glue some white lace around the inside edges of the Magi-Cutz  frame.      Colour the key with the White Starlight Wax and glue to the main image.    Glue a pink gem to the top of the key and one in 

each corner of the gold frame.   Take three silk flowers and colour the edges of the petals with a little Gold Shine Sparkle Medium using your finger.   Glue a pink feather to the top left of the Magi-Cutz and glue a lace bow on top.

Glue two flowers to the bottom right corner and one on top of the lace bow.   That is the front cover finished - now for the back cover.

Colour the back with the same colours as the front and stamp the crackle effect stamp around all four edges of the cover, using the same black ink pad and the White gold Starlight paint.   Cut out the rose from the rice paper and  glue as previously, onto some white card using the decoupage glue.

Glue the rose to the centre of the back cover, using Magi-bond tacky glue.

Add some touches of the white gold Starlight wax around  the rose and a little on the rose.

Add some of the wax onto the spiral spine and finally, replace the back and front covers back onto the spine and the journal is finished.

Thank you for reading my blog to the end, sorry it is quite a long one tonight but I do like to show you all the different stages.   That is all from me tonight, have a great weekend and I will be back again quite soon.

                                                                Love and rainbows,

                                                                 Hugs   Jennifer xx.


Sunday, 6 May 2018

My Star Fairy Canvas.

Good evening Friends, Followers and Visitors,

Hope you are all enjoying your Bank Holiday, the weather has been absolutely fabulous,  wall to wall blue skies and sunshine.  The lawns have had their first cut today and    I've been in my craft room this afternoon, preparing samples for Imagination Craft's next shows at the end of the month, on the Hochanda T.V. Channel.    More fabulous products lol!  all very secret so cannot tell you yet.

Tonight I have a canvas to share with you all which was shown on Imagination's last T.V. show at the end of April.

Begin by painting the canvas with Black Gesso.   Add some Hibiscus and Sky Blue Starlight paints across the canvas, working on the canvas as portrait style, using a dry brush.

Lay the  'City Scape' stencil on the bottom left corner and spread some Black Stars Sparkle Medium over the building, using the metal spatula..

When dry, lay the stencil back in position and add some touches of Gold Shine Sparkle Medium to the buildings to like moonlight.   Leave image to dry.

Next take the large 'Star Fairy' stencil and lay on the canvas.   Spread the Champagne Sparkle Medium over the moon, hanging star and surrounding stars.   Remove the stencil and leave image to dry.

Place the stencil back in position and spread the Platinum Relief  Paste over the fairy only.   Remove the stencil and leave to dry.

Whilst this is drying, die-cut or stamp out various sizes of stars from card painted  with the Platinum Relief Paste.   (I stamped my stars with black ink, using some stamps which were given free with a craft magazine, as I have no star dies and that worked just the same).   Cut them out, shape the petals, then 3D them, adding  a small black star in each of the star flower centres.   Glue these to the canvas.

Using the Pearl Starlight Paint, add some cloud shapes to the sky.

Add some White Gold Starlight Wax around the edges of the canvas and that is this canvas all finished.   I did enjoy making this canvas, as I adore anything to do with fairies lol!

Thank you once again for all your visits and comments on my last blog.   Hope you have enjoyed your visit to my blog.

Enjoy the rest of your Bank Holiday weekend.   Take care of yourselves until next time.

                                                              Love and rainbows,

                                                              Hugs   Jennifer xx.




Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Fossilised Copper Mandala Card.

Hello Everyone,

Hope your week got off to a good start, before we know it, the weekend will be here again.  We have had a beautiful day here today, although the gusty wind spoiled it a little but mustn't grumble, the wind is better than the snow we had lol!     Been to the dentist for a check up today and I'm pleased to say I had nothing (not even a cleaning) to do!!   that's the way I like it lol!!

Thank you kindly to those of you who left me some lovely comments and for all the visits to my last blog.    Tonight I would like to  share one of my cards which was shown on Imagination Craft's shows on the Hochanda T.V. programmes last weekend.    My next 'happy post,' I'm informed, is on it's way and should arrive tomorrow Yeah!!   love 'happy post' lol.   So it will be all go getting samples ready for the next shows later this month!   I will of course let you know the date and times nearer the shows.   Well, time for tonight's card.

Cut and matt a piece of black card onto the 7" x 7" white base card, cut slightly smaller than the base card.

Take a piece of white card, smaller than the black matt and colour with the yellow, light blue and light green Mixed Media Spray inks and leave to dry, or dry with a heat gun.

Next, lay the mandala stencil onto the coloured card and using the metal spatula, spread the bright copper Sparkle Medium over the design.

Carefully remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.

Using the fossil stamp and a black ink pad, stamp two fossils on the right of the larger mandala image and another just off the top left of the card.

Colour another smaller piece of white card with the same spray inks and when dry, stamp the fossil a further four times.    Cut out and   glue one onto the centre of the large mandala and two onto the original stamped images, using silicone glue to add dimension to the card.

The fourth fossil should be cut to fit the half fossil image and then glued to the original half image.   Stamp the very centres of the fossils onto more coloured card in black ink.   Cut out and glue to the centres of each of the fossils, using silicone glue.

Fix this card onto the black matt on the base card.   The card is now finished, hope you like it.   Thanks for stopping by my blog and I  hope you have enjoyed your visit.   That's all for now, I'll be back again soon.

                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                                   Hugs   Jennifer xx.


Tuesday, 1 May 2018

My Tangled Hair Riviera Girl.

Hello Everyone,

I'm back again with another project which was made for Imagination Craft's latest shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel over last weekend.  Thank you all for your visits and comments which are very much appreciated.   Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.   This year seems to be flying by even faster than ever lol!    Here we are....the 1st. of May !!!     For this card I used Imagination  Craft's  evocative Riviera Girl A4 stencil...Rather than using Sparkle Medium  or another other product, I decided to use her head and hair shape and to use another stencil - 'Mandala,'  to fill in her hair, just something a little different.   I shortened the length of her hair so the image fitted onto the square,   (I'm no hairdresser lol! but it looks like quite a good style ha! ha! ).     I used one of  Crafter's Companion's  corner  dies.    

I began with a 7" x 7" white base card.   I die-cut four corners from black card, using a Crafter's Companion corner die.   I kept the negative pieces from the die-cuts to use later and glued one in each corner.

I die-cut a label using the Spellbinder's ' Grand Labels  One'  from black card and matted it onto the white base card.   I then glued the negative pieces which I had put to one side for later, to the top,  bottom and side points of the black label die-cut.

I then took a piece of white card and laid the Riviera Girl stencil onto it and using a fine liner black pen, I drew around the outer edges of her hair.   I then coloured in her eyebrows, eyes, nose  and lips with the black pen.   I then removed the stencil.

I took the Mandala stencil, and laid it on the  image just drawn then, using a black pen, followed the pattern on the mandala stencil but, keeping within the lines I had drawn of her hair, colouring some black and others with fine stripes.

Using the smaller label, I die-cut her and matted this onto the black matt.

Lastly I glued three small black gems to the top left and three to the bottom right corners of the white matt.    This card was quite quick to make, most time was spent on the tangling of her hair.    I was quite pleased with the end result, just another way to use a stencil.

Thanks for popping over to my blog, I hope you enjoyed your visit.   See you all again soon.

                                                               Love and rainbows,

                                                                 Hugs   Jennifer xx.



Saturday, 28 April 2018

My 'Butterflies & Roses' 10" x 12" Canvas.

Hello Followers, Friends & Visitors,

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.   Sue and Mandy's  shows on the Hochanda T.V. today  were just so inspiring.    Fabulous techniques with great products and the design team made some gorgeous  samples and there are more programmes tomorrow Sunday 29th. April at 10am. & 2pm.  hope you can tune in.

I would like to share my large fairy canvas with you all tonight.   Please bear with me as there are quite a lot of stages and photographs.   I really enjoyed myself decorating this canvas, as fairies are one of my favourite subjects to work with.

Using the canvas in a portrait style, paint it with the mint, lilac blue and pink sunset Starlight paints, making stripes across the canvas, blending the colours as you go.

When dry, lay the  A4  fairy rose stencil onto the canvas securing it with masking tape or Crafter's Companion Stick & Spray.    Spread the Dark Orchid Texture paste over the design, using the metal spatula.

Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.   Clean and dry the stencil and lay it back on the dry image.  Mask off the parts of the fairy nearest to her wings, then spread a thin layer of the Platinum Texture Paste over her wings only using  the metal spatula.   Remove the stencil and wash it.

Lay the stencil onto a piece of white card and once again, spread the Dark Orchid  Texture Paste over the fairy's body and her right leg only.  Remove the stencil and leave image to dry.

When dry, cut her out and glue her onto the original image on the canvas, using silicone glue.

Colour some white card with the White Gold Starlight Paint and when dry. die-cut five  flourishes from it using the JustRite die.   Glue two to the right and two to the left sides of the canvas, the ones on the right slightly lower down than the ones on the left,   put the fifth flourish aside for the moment.

Die-cut seven roses from maroon coloured card, roll up and glue, then add some White Gold Starlight Wax on the tips of the petals.

Glue three roses  to both sets of flourishes, using Magi bond glue.   Lay the Weather Wash stencil over the bottom of the canvas and spread a little silver  glitter Texture paste over the stencil to look like sparkling water.
Spread the white Texture Paste across the bottom of the canvas, higher at each side than in the middle.   Add some Artsy Stones whilst the Texture Paste is still wet.

When dry, add some Malahit Texture paste over the White Texture Paste and Artsy Stones, using a stencil brush.

When dry rub some White Gold Starlight Wax over the surface of the Artsy Stones.

Glue the fifth flourish and and the 7th. rose to the bottom of the canvas.

Die-cut four corners from some maroon card, using the Crafter's Companion corner die and colour these with White Gold Starlight Wax.

Glue one in each corner of the canvas.   Rub a little of the Silver Glitter Texture paste over the fairy's wings and the canvas is now finished.   I do hope you are still with me lol!   I do realise this is a very long blog  but I do like to show you all the different stages.   Thank you for taking the time to read this to the end.   Enjoy the rest of your weekend and please don't forget to tune in tomorrow (Sunday) to see Sue again at 10am. & 2pm.     I will be back again with another project soon.

                                                                Love and rainbows,

                                                                 Hugs   Jennifer xx.