Wednesday, 17 January 2018

My Daisy Delight MDF Wall Hanging.

Good evening Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Thank you all for your visits and comments on  my last blog, I really do appreciate them.   Hope everyone is safe and warm during this cold spell, roll on the Spring is all I can say lol!

Tonight I thought I would share an MDF wall hanging I made for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Craft's, way back in October 2014 and uses my favourite combination of colours.      Seems like a long time ago now lol !

This MDF set consists of a square back board, a square front frame plus the cut out square.   I only used the back and front of this set for this hanging.

Paint the backing board and the front frame with a base coat of white chalk MDF paint.   Next paint with a coat of the pretty Sage Chalki paint.   Leave this to dry.

Paint a square on the inside of the backing board in the same colours, so this will show through the square aperture  when the front frame is in position.   Using the edge of a piece of card or a ruler, rub it along the seedless preserves Distress Ink pad and make lines across the painted square.

Lay the daisy delights stencil over the painted square on the back board and spread the silver Sparkle Medium over the square only, using the metal spatula.   Remove stencil and leave the image to dry.

Using the front frame, lay the cleaned stencil onto it and rub some Victorian velvet Distress Ink over the left side only of the frame.   Lift off the stencil and lay it back on the frame, moving the stencil a little to one side, then rub some seedless preserves Distress ink through it.

Again, lay the stencil back on the frame and using the Claret Sparkle Medium, spread it over the right hand- side of the stencil only, using the metal spatula.

Add a ribbon down the left-hand side of the frame and glue a twine loop to the inside top of the backing board.   Glue the backing board to the frame using Magi-bond glue.   

Glue a ribbon bow to the top left and some diamond mesh just below the bow.   Using the seedless preserves D.I. and some cut 'n' dry foam, add the ink around the edges of the MDF hanging.

Well that's all from me folks, enjoy the rest of your week.   I'll be back soon with another project.

                                                                    Love and rainbows,

                                                                     Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Sunday, 14 January 2018

Midnight Rendezvous.

Hi there Friends, Followers and Visitors,

Thank you so much for your comments and visits on my last blog, I do love to hear your feedback.   Hope everyone is well and managing to stay clear of the horrendous flu virus.

Tonight I thought I would share a card I made for one Imagination Craft's T.V. shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel last November.   I have used two stencils for this card,  'Three Cats' and 'Brick Wall' and of course some fabulous Sparkle Medium.   Below is the finished card, hope you like it.   I love this cat stencil, wonder what they are thinking lol!

Take a rectangular piece of grey card and lay the brick wall stencil onto it.   Spread the Crackle Paste over the stencil, using the metal spatula.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.   (as this paste dries, it will crack, which is what it is supposed to do.)   When the brick wall is dry, rub some Tea Dye and Victorian Velvet Distress Inks over it to look like red bricks and trim to size to fit the base card then  put to one side for the moment.

Take the ivory 7" x 7" base card and using the Faded Jeans and Black Soot  Distress Inks and a blending tool, or a piece of cut 'n' dry foam, colour the evening sky, leaving a border of the ivory card showing.

Lay the 'Create a scene' stencil onto the sky and using a stencil brush, dab some platinum Starlight paint through the moon and clouds only.   Remove the stencil.


Glue the wall to the bottom of the base card, again leaving a border of the ivory card showing.

Die-cut four corners from black card, using the Diesire die and glue one in each corner of the base card.

Lay the Three Cats Stencil onto a piece of black card and spread the Black Stars Sparkle Medium over the stencil, using the metal spatula.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.

Cut out the cats, leaving a tiny border of black card around each cat.   Glue the cats to the top of the wall so their tails hang down the wall,  using sticky foam pads.

That's this card finished.   Hope you like it.   Thanks once again for popping by my blog, much appreciated.   I'll be back soon, take care of yourselves.

                                                                Love and rainbows,

                                                                 Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Tuesday, 9 January 2018

Paradise Bird Thank You Card.

Good afternoon Fellow Bloggers, Friends and Visitors,

Slightly warmer here today but because it is warmer, we have some fog, can't have it all our own way lol! but some blue skies and sunshine would have been nice!   ah well there's always tomorrow.   At least the temperature is not as low as our friends across the pond.   It is so sad to see the creatures trapped under the ice and the turtles whose muscles are seizing up with the cold!  hope the temperature rises for them soon.   My card today was made in October 2015 and uses one of Imagination Craft's Gilding Stamp sets, which are unfortunately, no longer available but some of you may have purchased one back then.

Working on a white 7" x 7" base card, colour the front of the card with the Tumbled glass Distress ink and a blending tool or a piece of cut 'n' dry foam.

Stamp the corner stamp  (this was  given free with a craft magazine some time ago, so sorry cannot remember which one)   in each corner using a Veramark pad and heat emboss with black embossing powder.

Paint the flowers with the Imagination Craft's paints from their Pearly paint palette and water.   Stamp the Bird of Paradise mesh from the set, onto the front of the base card using the Versamark pad and heat emboss as before, with black embossing powder.

Stamp the bird to the top right of the mesh using Imagination Craft's Gilding glue and add the gilding flakes.   Brush away the excess flakes.

Stamp the 'Thank You' stamp onto a piece of self stripped pearl card with a Versamark pad and heat emboss with black powder as before.    (This was also a free stamp)   Cut this out and glue to the bottom right of the card, using silicone glue, bending the label slightly.   Glue two black gemstones at either side of the label.

Die-cut some flowers and a leaf, using the Marianne Design dies, from pearl card and colour with the paints from the Pearly paint palette.

3D the flowers and glue in the top left of the card.   Make some stamen for the pink flower by painting a long narrow strip of card and snipping along one edge with scissors but leaving the other  long edge uncut, then roll up and glue in position, spreading the stamen out a little and glue to the centre of the pink flower.

Hope you like this one.   Many thanks once again for stopping by my blog.   Thank you to those who have left me a comment, as I do like to read your feedback.    Catch you all again very soon.

                                                                    Love and Rainbows,

                                                        Happy Crafting,   Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Monday, 8 January 2018

Have a Hoot on Your Birthday.

Hello again Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Well, it has been a beautiful day today, blue skies and sunshine, although, very cold indeed!   Hope the weather has been the same wherever you are too.

I was going through my box of stamps last September, looking for a particular stamp, which I  did not find but I came across another set of stamps by Woodware, which I bought and have only used once before.     As I love owls I decided to give up looking for the other stamp and use this set instead lol! 

Talking of owls, a few years ago we came dowsnstairs one morning and opened the curtains on one of our three windows only to find a very large owl sitting on the lampshade of our table lamp!!!    Yes, it did leave a little present on our lampshade lol!    We decided not to open the other curtains in case we frightened the owl.    We quietly opened the front door and porch door, in the hope it would fly out but  it decided to fly into our kitchen instead,  flapping it's wings on our kitchen ceiling, leaving black wing marks on the ceiling!   very artistic!!    It then flew back into our lounge, so we closed all the internal doors,  again  hoping it would fly outside.   After 10 minutes it thankfully did, completely unhurt I'm pleased to say,  from it's adventure.   It had somehow come down our chimney during the night and thankfully the log fire was out.   When we opened the other two curtains, we saw the full extent of the mess!!!   the owl had swept the chimney on it's way down lol!!    The carpet was covered in soot lol!   I can smile now but at the time it was quite a job to clean up.   Well I think I had better get on with tonight's card,   I've chatted enough,  Hubby always says I can talk the hind legs off a donkey lol!    (Thinking about it, that is a rather funny saying lol! ).

Make a base card 15cm. square from white card.   Matt a square of dark green card, slightly smaller in size onto the base card.

Matt a smaller piece of patterned paper onto the green card.    I used some paper I had in my stash called  'Pretty Spring Papers' by My Minds Eye.     Die-cut a large scalloped circle from some dark green card and fix to the centre of the base card.

Stamp the owl, his wings and tree branch onto some white card, using a Versamark pad and heat emboss with black embossing powder.

Colour the owl, wings and tree branch, using Promarker pens or similar, to match the colours on the patterned paper.

Die-cut a scalloped circle  around the owl image, using a slightly smaller die and fix this to the larger green circle.   Add the wings to the owl, adding some silicone glue under each wing.

Add the branch so the owl is sitting on it, I used small pieces of sticky foam pads to do this.

Stamp 'All of a twitter' and 'Have a hoot...' onto white card, using a black ink pad.

Trim these and glue them to slightly larger pieces of green card.

Glue 'All of a twitter' to the top left of the base card and 'Have a hoot to the bottom right.   Thank you all so much for visiting my blog, I do like to share my projects with you and I love to hear your feedback.

That's all from me for now folks, enjoy the rest of your week.    I'll be back again soon, I do hope you will be too.

                                                                     Love and Rainbows,

                                                                       Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Saturday, 6 January 2018

My London Canvas.

Hi there Everyone,
Hope you are well and enjoying your weekend break.   Tonight I would like to share something a little different from my usual -  a canvas.    I was given a stencil of the London Landmarks,  ' so I decided to use it on a canvas and below  is the finished project.     This canvas was made for    Sue and Harvey of Imagination Crafts.     It was made for their shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel last November.

(1 )   Canvas coloured using the blue and red Mixed Media Spray inks.

(2 )  Using masking tape, mask off a semi-circle the size of the clock face stencil, as we don't want
        any structure paste on the clock face.

(3 )  Lay the large 'Broken Grid' Art stencil onto the painted canvas, portrait style and spread the
       structure paste over the stencil, using the metal spatula.   Remove the stencil and wash it.   Leave
       the image to dry.       I thought the grid design would make a good background for all the famous
       London landmarks.

(4 )    Remove the semi circle mask from the top right corner and lay the left-hand side of the clock
          face stencil on the top right hand corner of the canvas, making sure you have the numbers on
          the stencil the correct way round.    Secure the stencil in place with some masking tape so it
          doesn't move,   then spread the Black Stars Sparkle Medium over the design, using the metal
          spatula.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.

(5 )   Lay the 6" x 6" London stencil onto a piece of black card  and put through an embossing
         machine and emboss.

(6 )   Cut out the letters 'LONDON'  the bridge,  Big Ben and the London taxi.    Rub the silver
         Alchemy Wax over these images.

(7 )   Glue the letters L O N D O N evenly around the outside of the clock face,

(8 )   Glue Tower Bridge on the top left of the canvas, just above half way up the canvas.

(9 )   Glue Big Ben in the bottom left corner, using Imagination Craft's Magi-bond glue.

          and the black Taxi  in the bottom right corner, using Magi-bond glue.

(10)   Lay the stencil onto a piece of white card and spread the Bright Red Sparkle Medium over
          the London bus only.   Remove stencil and leave image to dry.   When dry, cut out the bus and
          colour the windows with diluted light blue spray ink.   Colour the tyres with the Black Starlight
          paint.    Glue the bus to the canvas, just below the centre.

(11)   Using a black ink pad, stamp the crown and head in the top left corner.

(12)   Again, using the black ink pad, stamp the world globe in the centre of the clock face.

(13)   Using a rose die, die-cut 4 white roses, roll up and glue to make the roses.    Die-cut and make
          3 roses from light blue paper.   Colour some white card with the red spray ink, adding some red
          Starlight paint on top and die-cut.   Make into 4 roses.

(14)   Glue 1 white, 1 red and 1 blue rose to the base of Big Ben.

(15)   Glue the rest of the roses around the inside of the clock face, using Magi-bond glue.

(16)   Rub a little Black Soot Distress ink around all four edges of the canvas, this helps to draw your
          eyes to the centre of the canvas.

                                             Below are a couple more photos of the canvas.                                       

Well that's my canvas finished, I do hope you like it ( there's no scaffolding around my Big Ben lol!)   did this canvas before the scaffolding went up on the real Big Ben!

Thank you so much for taking the time to visit my blog, I hope you have enjoyed your visit, please pop back again soon.      I also hope my American Followers, Friends and Visitors stay safe and warm during this extra cold spell of weather you are having at the moment,   I cannot imagine what such very low temperatures must feel like, so take care.   I will be back again soon.

                                                                   Love and Rainbows,

                                                                    Hugs   Jennifer xx.



Wednesday, 3 January 2018

'Poppy Time.'

Hi there fellow Bloggers,

Hope you've all enjoyed the festivities.   It's back to everyday life and routine.   Our Christmas decorations are still up but I will be putting them back in their boxes tomorrow, until Christmas later this year lol!   I always feel the rooms so look bare when we take the tree and decorations down but I have to say,  it makes it much easier to dust lol!    My card tonight is a reminder of balmy Summer days, something we hopefully will be able to look forward to later this year.   I have used Imagination Craft's  large poppy Art stamp.   This is a favourite of mine.    I have also used their  Retro Squars background  stencil, a really useful stencil and Starlight paints.

The card below is what we are aiming for.

Take a square of bright red card, smaller than the 7" x 7" white base card and round off all four corners, using the corner rounder punch.   Matt this onto the white base card.

Cut a smaller square of white card and lay the retro squares stencil on top.   Stipple all the Starlight paint colours through the design,   using the large stencil brush.    ( I used Mediterranean sky,  Banana yellow, Red, Green and White gold).

When you are satisfied with the coverage, remove the stencil and wash it as soon as you can, as the
paint will dry on quite quickly and will be more difficult to remove if you don't.

 Round off all four corners as before, then matt this onto the base card.

Stamp the large poppies stamp onto a piece of white card, using a black ink pad.   Stamp the open dots above the poppy seed heads with black ink.

Trim this to approximately 4" square and round off all four corners.   Matt this onto a slightly larger piece of red card, again rounding off all four corners.    Next matt this  onto the bottom right corner of the base card.   (I used some double sided sticky tape with the addition of some Imagination Craft's Magi-bond glue.   This I find gives me a little 'wiggle room.' plus it adheres better to the Starlight paint.)

Stamp the word  'Poppy'  in black onto some white card.   Trim to size and round off the four corners.   Matt this onto some red card again, rounding off all four corners, then glue to the top of the base card.

Colour some white card with the red Starlight paint, then using the large flower punch, punch two flowers, then layer them one on top of the other, using silicone glue under the petals.

Die-cut the stamen and paint with the green and glue it to the poppy centre. 

Add some Black Stars Sparkle Medium to the centre of the stamen, adding a little White gold Starlight paint to the tips of the stamen.

Die-cut two leaf stems from white card and paint them with the Green Starlight paint,  then glue under  the poppy petals.

Lastly, glue a small red satin ribbon bow to the stem of the tallest seed head.     That's my card finished, I hope you think it is a bright, cheery card, it hopefully, lifts the spirits a little on these dull dreary, wet, windy days we are having at the moment

Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, I hope you have enjoyed your visit.   Until my next blog, take care of yourselves and stay safe and  warm.

                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                                  Hugs   Jennifer xx.


Sunday, 31 December 2017

'Good Friends.' Last card of 2017.

Good afternoon Friends, Followers and Visitors,

Well that is nearly 2017 over, just a few more hours and it will be 2018.   I wonder what 2018 has in store for us all?    Hopefully a good, positive year!   Have you made any New Year resolutions yet?  mine is to keep my craft room tidy, once I have it the way I want  it -  and that is - tidy lol!!!

This is my last project for 2017.   For this card I have used one of Imagination Craft's gorgeous masks, this is such a pretty mask and I have teamed it up with some beautiful colours for the background, using distress inks and of course a little bit of sparkle lol! on the butterfly!   Below is the finished card.

Cut away approximately a quarter of an inch from one long edge of a piece of A4 white card, then fold it in half portrait style to make a card five and three quarter inches by eight inches.

Matt some deep turquoise card onto the base card, leaving a border of the white showing.

Take a smaller piece of white paper and lay the butterfly mask across it.   Colour over the mask with Mowed lawn, Peeled paint, Shabby shutters, Faded jeans and  Stormy sky  Distress inks and using some Red Starlight paint for the roses.   Add a small amount of Bright red Sparkle Medium over the roses and the inner part of the butterfly.

Stamp the sentiment using a black ink pad in the top right corner and 'Happy Birthday' in the centre at the bottom of the paper.  

Matt this onto the base card using double sided sticky tape.

Using a piece of white card, lay the butterfly only from the mask onto it and spread the Vineyard Sparkle Medium over it, using the metal spatula.   Remove the mask and leave the image to dry.

When this is dry, cut around the edges and glue the butterfly in position on the front of the card but on a different angle to the original image.

Add some silicone glue under each wing to add some dimension to the card.

 Glue some turquoise pearls to the body of the butterfly and that is this card finished.

 Thank you once again for visiting and commenting on my blog throughout 2017.   I really appreciate all the support and encouragement you have given me, this spurs me on to keep going with my card making.   I would just like to wish you all a Very Healthy, Happy and Prosperous New Year when it arrives.   Have fun tonight.   I will be back as usual in 2018.

                                                      HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!

                                                                   Love and rainbows,

                                                                    Hugs   Jennifer xx.