Friday, 16 March 2018

My MDF Street of Houses.

Hello everyone,
so sorry I haven't blogged recently, just don't know where the time has gone lol!   Tonight I have an MDF project to share with you which was made for the Imagination Craft's shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel in November 2017 but before I begin, I would like to welcome my two newest followers,  Julie PaperWishArt and  Azita Heartly, thanks for following and I hope you enjoy your visits.

Right let's get started shall we!   Below is the front of my MDF houses and the second photo is the back.   This was quite fun to decorate.   Bear with me as there are quite a few photos lol!

Paint each house a different colour using the Clover, Soft moss, Peanut, Baltic blue  & Limestone  MDF paints, on both front and the backs.   Glue sequins around the tops of the houses.

Paint 3 of each kind of Art Cutz standing flowers  using the MDF paints, painting the stems and leaves with the green Starlight paint.

Glue these to the houses using sticky foam pads, adding some Imagination Craft's Magi-bond glue to help them stick to the MDF better.   Add sequin flowers to the centres of the round flowers, adding a sequin to the centre of each sequin flower.

Stamp the Art 'Family script' stamp, using a Versamark pad, on the backs of the houses and heat emboss with gold embossing powder, leaving the top halves of the houses blank.

Die-cut 5 tiny butterflies from gold mirror card and glue to the top of each house.   Die-cut 3 large butterflies from gold mirror card  and glue to the 3 tallest houses.   Die-cut 2 medium sized butterflies from gold and glue to the 2 smallest houses.

Tie the houses together using gold cord.

Stamp 'Family'  'Love'  'Cherish'  'Happiness'  and  'Harmony' onto white card using a black ink pad.   Trim to size and colour the edges with the Alchemy waxes, then glue one to each of the houses, 'Family' being in the middle.


Well that's all from me for now, hope you all have a lovely weekend.   Take care of yourselves until the next time.   I'll be back soon.

                                                               Love and rainbows,

                                                                Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Saturday, 10 March 2018

Thank You card.

Good afternoon Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Hope you are chilling out this weekend, I know we are.   We still have some lying snow around.   It is thawing but very slowly.   I do hope this is the last snow of the winter!!  

Thank you so much for your lovely comments on my last post, I do appreciate the time you take to visit and comment.    The card I have made for you today was mainly made using stamps which were given free over the last months with craft magazines, so a cheap card to make lol!!

Make a base card approx. five & three quarter inches square from white linen card.   Stamp the corner stamp in the top right and bottom left corners using the Dusty concord distress ink.

Die-cut one large and one smaller label from white card, using the Spellbinder's die set 'Label Four'.   Colour the edges of the large label with Dusty concord ink and fix this to the base card.   Colour the edges of the smaller label with Tumbled glass ink.

Stamp the bird on a branch in the centre of the smaller label, using a black ink pad.   Glue this label to the larger one with silicone glue, to add some dimension to the card.

Stamp the bird again onto a spare piece of white card and cut out the bird's wing and the flowers and 3D them onto the original image, using silicone glue.

Glue a lilac gem to the centre top and bottom of the smaller label.     Next stamp 'Thank You' in the bottom left using a black ink pad.

Stamp three plain flowers onto white card with the Dusty concord ink and cut out.   Take a piece of white card and colour it with the Tumbled glass ink, then stamp the patterned flower onto it, using the Dusty concord.   Cut these flowers out and glue to the top left of the base card, adding a lilac gem to each flower centre.

Below is a side view of the card showing the 3D effect.   I do hope you like it.   Thanks so much for visiting my blog.  I do try to visit your blogs too as I love to see your creations, we all have different styles.   It always amazes me when 3 or 4 people are given the same products to work with, they all come up with something different lol!  

Take care of yourselves and have a lovely relaxing Sunday, wishing you a Very Happy Mother's Day in advance.      I will be back soon with another creation.

                                                              Love and rainbows,

                                                              Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018


Hello Everyone,

Hope you are enjoying your evening.   We still cannot get out of our driveway yet because of the snow.   We are hoping we will be able to tomorrow if it continues to thaw lol!   I keep telling myself that Spring is just around the corner lol.   Thank you all for your lovely comments and visits.   I do try to visit your blogs too, as I love to see your projects.

My card tonight was made using a stamp set I purchased recently.   I saw this stamp on a past visit to the craft shop,  saw a few stamps I liked but decided not to buy this one, as I had spent enough on craft goodies,  but on the way home, wished I had!!    so when it was still on the shelf this time, I just had to have it.   It is I think an Amaryllis plant and is a Woodware stamp.

Ok let's get started shall we, enough of my chit chat lol!    Make a base card five & three quarter inches square, from white linen card.    Next take a slightly smaller piece of white linen card and stamp the Amaryllis onto it, using a black ink pad.   Stamp the flower again onto a spare piece of white paper and cut it out, this will be your mask.

Hold the mask on the original stamped image  and colour the rest of the card with the Dried marigold and Ripe persimmon distress inks. (don't worry if the inks end up on the mask).  

Holding the mask in position still, lay the falling leaves panel stencil over the left-hand side of the  card (on top of the mask)  and using a piece of cut 'n' dry foam, dab some Versamark  through the design.   Remove the stencil and the mask, then heat emboss the leaves with gold embossing powder.

Stamp the sentiment in the bottom right hand corner using a black ink pad.


Cut a semi circle from each corner of this coloured card and glue this to the base card.   Add some small black dots around the semi circle, using a black pen.   Punch four corners from a small piece of card, coloured with the same  distress inks.   Use this punched square for another project, as we are going to use the left-over pieces!   (waste not want not lol! ).     Glue the left-over pieces in each corner of the base card.   Punch out 8 small black circles (or left-over circles after die-cutting shapes for other projects.)     Glue two to each corner.

Stamp the Amaryllis a further four times onto white card, using a black ink pad.   Cut out and 3D onto the original stamped image using silicone glue.

Add some small dots of Imagination Craft's Silver gold Starlight paint onto the flower stamen.

 Hope you like this card, when I began, I wasn't at all sure just what I was going to do with this stamp but I'm quite pleased with the way it has turned out in the end.   When I had stamped the flower and leaves, I then decided to punch each corner with a Woodware flower corner punch but the first punch was not good!   I couldn't waste what I had already done, so hence the semi-circle corners lol!   It just goes to show, we can all make mistakes and there is usually a way to cover it up or change the design slightly as I have done here lol!    Ah well, all's well that ends well lol!

Enjoy the rest of your week and I will be back again soon, hope you will too.

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                                  Hugs    Jennifer xx.


Saturday, 3 March 2018

Hydrangea Card.

Good afternoon Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Hope you are all safe and well during this spell of Winter weather.  We are ok but we have been snowed in.   Our village has been cut off for the last few days but luckily we always make sure we have plenty food, drink and logs as we can get cut off at times living high up in the hills lol!   Totally amazed we still have our electricity!   I thought I would share a card I have made today.   Last time I went shopping I bought a few crafty goodies and this stamp and corner die were amongst them.

Using a five and three quarter inch white linen base card, matt a slightly smaller square of blue paper onto it.    Next cut a smaller square of white card and onto this, stamp the flower, stem,  leaves and sentiments, using a black ink pad.


 Colour the flower head with the Dusty concord, Stormy sky & Tumbled glass distress inks, and the
leaves with the Peeled paint, using some water and a paintbrush. 

Stamp lots of tiny flower heads using one of the stamps from the set, onto white card which has been coloured with the distress inks, using a black ink pad.   Cut out each individual flower and shape, then glue to the original image.

Stamp two leaves from card coloured with the green  distress ink and cut out.   Glue these onto the main image.

Add some tiny dots of Imagination Craft's Silver gold Starlight paint to each flower centre.   Fix this card onto the base card with double sided sticky tape.

Add a touch of watered down silver gold Starlight paint to the leaves.   Colour a piece of white card with the Starlight paint and when dry, die-cut four corners using the Crafter's Companion corner die and glue one in each corner of the card.

                                                 That's this card finished, hope you like it.  


Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and I hope you have enjoyed your visit.   I will be back again soon with another project.   Thank you also for your lovely comments on my  last blog.   Catch you all again soon.   Stay safe and warm whilst this Winter weather is with us.

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                          Happy Crafting, Jennifer xx.


Monday, 26 February 2018

Mosaic Circles Card.

Hello Fellow Bloggers, Friends & Visitors,

Thank you for your comments and visits on my last blog post, I do enjoy hearing your thoughts on my projects.    Hope you are all keeping safe and well during this very cold spell we are having at the moment.   We have only had a dusting of snow here but I suspect it will get much worse in the next few days.   Maybe this will be Winter's last fling lol!   I do hope so, roll on the Spring is all I can say lol.

My card for tonight was made for Sue & Harvey of Imagination Crafts and was  for their shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel in  February 2017.    I was given a stencil and some Sparkle Medium to work with.   I did use some distress inks also.   Hope you like what I did with the stencil.

I do tend to look at stencils to see how else they can be used, turning them upside down,  maybe cut out some parts etc.,   In this case I decided to 3D certain parts of this stencil.   Below is a photo of the 'Mosaic sun' stencil.

Matt a square of blue paper onto a 7" x 7" white base card, leaving a quarter inch border of the white showing.

Take a slightly smaller square of white card and lay the mosaic stencil on top.   Dab the Victorian Velvet Distress ink over the top half of the stencil, then the Stormy sky and finally, the Dusty concord, using a piece of cut 'n' dry foam.

Wash and dry the stencil, then lay it back on the now coloured white card, moving it slightly to the right (off-setting it a tiny amount, in order to create a shadow effect.)   Spread the Antique Pink Sparkle Medium over the top of the stencil, using the metal spatula and the Diamond Blue across the centre and the Diamond Quartz across the bottom of the stencil, blending the colours together as you go.

Remove the stencil and leave the images to dry.   Fix this to the base card.   Repeat this once again onto a spare piece of white card, using only the Sparkle Mediums this time, only doing the overlapping patterns, ie; 2 large and 2 small Antique Pink circles and 2 large blue (with a touch of Diamond Quartz).

Cut these circles out and fix to the original images using sticky foam pads with a touch of Magi-bond glue on each pad  (I find this helps the foam pad stick to the Sparkle Medium better).

Die-cut a circle from white card and colour with a little Stormy Sky distress ink and stamp ' Happy Birthday' in the centre using a black ink pad.   Fix this to the right-hand side of the card using sticky foam pads, to balance the design.

Well that's this card finished.   Thank you once again for your comments and visits they are much appreciated.    Stay safe and warm in this bitter cold weather.   See you all again soon.   Have a good week.

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                                  Hugs   Jennifer xx.