Tuesday, 18 September 2018

The Clearing Christmas Card.

Good afternoon Everyone,

Well what a change in the weather lol!   Autumn is definitely with us,  the leaves are turning beautiful colours and are blowing around the garden in the wind!    I do love the Autumn,  the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.   Thank you all once again for all your visits and comments on my last post, much appreciated.   The products used in the making of this card can be purchased from

Today I would like to share a card with you which I made for the Imagination Craft's shows on Hochanda T.V. back in June of this year.   I have used one of my all time favourite Imagination stencils - 'The Clearing,'  just love this stencil as I love anything to do with deer.

Mask off the left hand side of the white base card and colour the rest of the card with the light blue and yellow Mixed Media Spray Inks.   When dry, add some Forest Green and Gold Shine Sparkle Mediums to parts of the card, using your finger.   Remove the mask.

Using a black ink pad, stamp the Christmas Script down the left edge of the base card.   Lay the clearing stencil onto the card, securing it with masking tape or Crafter's Companion 'Stick & Spray.'   Stipple the white gold Starlight paint through the design using a stencil brush.   Remove the stencil.   Repeat this once again onto spare white card but stippling the deer only.

Glue the blue resin strip down the edge of the coloured section of the card.   Cut out the deer and 3D it onto the original image, on top of the blue strip, using silicone glue.   Repeat once more but this time only stipple the deer and the  front and back legs only.   Cut this out and glue in position over the blue strip.

                                                Glue a blue bow in the top left corner.

Add a little white gold Starlight paint, using just what is left on the brush, adding it over the coloured side of the card.

Die- cut the corner, using the Crafter's Companion die, from white card.   Colour this with the yellow and light blue spray inks, adding a little of the forest green and gold shine Sparkle Mediums.     Add a line of blue Sparkle Medium at the bottom of the trees and  the legs of the deer to ground them.

                                             Glue the die cut to the bottom left corner.

When the light shines on the card the beautiful sheen of the white gold Starlight paint looks lovely, I have tried to capture this in the above photograph.

That's all from me for now, enjoy your week ahead,   the sun is shinning once again as I write this, how long for though, is anyone's guess lol!    Take good care of yourselves   until next time.

                                                                   Love and rainbows,

                                                                     Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Friday, 14 September 2018

Sunburst Golden Butterflies.

Hello Lovelies,

Hoping this post finds you all well and happy.    I would just like to say 'thank you' for your visits and comments on my last post, each and everyone is appreciated by me.    I do hope my friends across the pond stay safe during the horrendous storms that are happening there at the moment.    Today I have another card to share with you which has been made using Imagination Craft's products, which can be purchased from       I have used Imagination Craft's Mixed Media Spray inks,  Starlight paints, Stencil Brush and their   A4  Mixed Media Art stencil  - No. MA-18. Cracked Earth.

The greetings stamps and butterfly dies were given free with various craft magazines.


Make a square base card from white card stock.   Take a smaller piece of white card and colour  all four outer edges only  (as the rest will not be seen - waste not want not lol!  we crafters don't like to waste anything lol!!  and I am no exception ! ),  with the Hibiscus Starlight Paint and when dry, glue this to the base card.

Take another piece of white card, slightly smaller than the blue edged card and colour, using the yellow, orange, purple and light blue Mixed Media Spray Inks and leave to dry or dry using a heat gun.

Next, lay the stencil on top of the coloured card and using a stencil brush, stipple the Hibiscus Starlight Paint through the design.   Fix this to the base card.

Using a black ink pad, stamp 'Enjoy Your Day' in the top left corner and 'Happy Birthday to the bottom, just to the right of the centre.

Die-cut 1 large, 3 medium and 3 small butterflies from some black card and paint them with the Rich Gold Starlight Paint.


                            Glue the butterflies to the card front and the card is finished.

 Add a tiny amount of clear silicone glue under each wing, near to the body where it will not be seen.

Well, that is all from me for the moment.   Have a happy, relaxing weekend and I will be back again very soon.

                                                             Love and Rainbows,

                                                               Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Sunday, 9 September 2018

So Proud of You.

Good afternoon All,

Happy Sunday, hope you are all having a great weekend, whatever you are doing.   Today I would like to share a card with you which I made using free 'Build a scene stamp and die set, which was given free with the Cardmaking & Papercraft magazine - issue 186.   Hope you like it.

Fold a piece of A4 card in half portrait style,  cutting off a one quarter inch strip from one long edge.   Stamp the corner stamp in each corner of the base card, using a black ink pad and colour with  Marvy Le' Plume pens.

Die-cut a large scalloped oval using a Spellbinder's die, from navy card and glue to the card front, nearer to the top than the bottom.

Die-cut a smaller plain oval from white card and stamp the tree branch on it, using a black ink pad.   Glue this to the navy oval.

Stamp the peacock 6 times onto some spare white card and colour with the pens.   Cut out and 3D onto the branch, using silicone glue, leaving the bottom of the feathers un-stuck for now.

                           Die-cut 9 tail feathers from white card, using the die and colour.

                  Keep the tiny negative pieces and glue around the navy scalloped oval.

Fix the tail feathers under the base of the peacock using glue.     Add some silicone glue under the centre of each feather to hold in position.

Glue the bottom of the bird onto the top of the tail feathers which you left un-stuck previously.

             Stamp the greeting centrally on the bottom of the card,  using a black ink pad.

That's all for now my friends,  I'll be back soon with another project to share with you soon.

                                                               Love and rainbows,

                                                                Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Pretty Poppies.

Hello there Friends, Followers and Visitors,

Today I have a card to share with you using a Stampendous stamp and die set,  I just love anything to do with poppies lol!   This is a fairly quick card to make, hope you like what I have done with this gorgeous stamp.

Trim away one quarter of an inch of an A4 piece of white card.   Then fold in half, portrait style.

Matt a piece of black card onto thie base card, leaving a small border of the white showing.   Next take a slightly smaller still, piece of light blue card and colour lightly with the black soot distress ink, using a blending tool.

Using the spare white card, stamp the poppies, leaves, buds and glass vase onto it, using a Versamark pad, then heat emboss with black embossing powder, do this twice.    Colour with Promarker pens, then cut out  and 3D the poppy petals, using silicone glue.

Cut out a small piece of Imagination Craft's 'Crackle Artz Cutz and colour with a black ink pad.   Glue this to the bottom of the blue card, giving the vase something to 'sit on.'    

Using silicone glue, fix the vase, flowers, etc., to the blue card, 3D - ing the poppy petals.   When dry, glue this card to the base card.

Stamp 'Hello' in the top right hand corner, using a black ink pad.   Add small amounts of lime  green
Stickles Glitter Glue to the flower centres, buds and leaves.

Well that's this card finished my friends, have a good weekend when it arrives.   See you all again soon.

                                                                Love and rainbows,

                                                    Happy Crafting,  Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Saturday, 1 September 2018

My 'Beauty, Nature, Harmony & Joy' 10" x 12" Canvas.

Good morning Friends, Followers and Visitors,

Hope you managed to watch our lovely Sue from Imagination Craft's last night and this morning, demonstrating her beautiful Starlight paints, the colours are just stunning....and they are on special offer on the Hochanda T.V. Channel,  order 10 and get 2 of these free!  so you are only paying for 8 !  The gorgeous stencil I used on this canvas,  unfortunately sold out on this mornings 9am. show, not sure if they can get more for the rest of today's shows at 1pm and 5pm today.   Onto my canvas, please bear with me as there are quite a few photos of the different stages.   I have tried to cut down on the text lol!

Canvas painted with a thin layer of Linen Shabby Chic Relief paste.

 Dry brushed small amounts of Passion Flower Starlight paint on top of linen.

Chocolate Relief paste spread through corner designs using the stencil.

Using stencil brush, I stippled Rich Gold,  Passion Flower and Orange Oxidized through the half circle and lines on the stencil, top right corner.   Below is a photo of the stencil used.

Spread the Chocolate paste over the large circle  in bottom corner of canvas.

Stippled Orange Oxidized Starlight paint over small circle.  Added dots of green Stickles around the circles and lines.

Stamped script in half circle using Versamark pad and heat embossed with copper embossing powder.

Butterflies stamped with Versamark and heat embossed with copper  and gold embossing powder, (2 of each,)

Painted butterflies with Starlight paints and brown pen for edges of wings.

Stamped Beauty, Nature, Harmony & Joy in black ink.

Spare white card painted with linen Relief Paste, then stippled Starlights through the large butterfly from the stencil onto it.    Added Chocolate paste to edges of the wings.    Cut out and glued to canvas.

Added black soot distress ink around edges of wings.

Art Cutz leaves painted with Menthol Starlight paint and glued to bottom right corner.

Three lilies die-cut, using the Crafter's Companion lily die and painted with Starlights, passion flower with a touch of orange oxidized.

Black soot added around edges of the canvas and that is now finished, hope you managed to stay with me to the end lol!   Please don't forget to tune in again at 1pm. and 5pm. today.

Have a wonderful weekend and I will be back again soon.

                                                                Love and rainbows,

                                                                 Hugs  Jennifer xx.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Sneak Peek at my 'Lady & Dragonfly' 10" x 12" Canvas.

Good afternoon Friends, Followers and Visitors,

Today I would like to share a 'sneaky peek' at  one of my canvases, made for Imagination Craft's One Day Special shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel being launched this Friday  31st. August 2018  at 6pm.    I do hope you can tune in this weekend, there will be lots of demos and some beautiful samples made by the Imagination Craft's design team.   All the Imagination Craft's products used in the making of my canvas can be purchased by clicking on this link  then look under Brands and click on Imagination Crafts.

The canvas was sprayed with the navy blue, pink and white Fashion sprays and a spritz or two of water, followed by a small amount of the Shabby Chic Ashy Rose Relief paste painted onto it, mainly down the right-hand side.

The lady from the rice paper was added to the right-hand corner of the canvas using decoupage glue.

The spatula was used to spread the white structure paste and the Shabby Chic Relief pastes through various parts of the stencil, onto the canvas.    I painted over the surface of the dot design on the left side of the canvas with some White gold Starlight paint.

The dragonfly was made by spreading the Shabby Chic Relief Pastes through the  dragonfly from the stencil, onto some spare white card.

When it was dry, I cut it out and stamped the wings using the white gold Starlight paint, using the 'crackle' stamp from the Distress Stamp Set 1.    I then glued the dragonfly in position on the canvas.

The Art Cutz cogs were painted with Cafe' Creme Rusty Patina to add some texture, then when dry, they were painted with the Ashy Rose and Sage Relief pastes.

These were then given a light coat of the gold Starlight paint and glued to the top right and a small cog to the bottom left on top of the green dots.

I then die-cut 2 large, 4 medium and 8 small flowers, using the Crafter's Companion DS-E-Flow 3. flower dies, painted them with the Dried Rose Starlight Paint.   Small flowers were glued to the centres of the large and medium flowers.

They were then glued in position to the bottom right corner.   Seven leaves were die-cut using  C. C. die  DS-C-DF3DF and painted with the Green Starlight paint and glued in between the flowers.    I die-cut some flower centres  and painted them with the Sage Shabby Chic paste then   glued  them  to the flower centres.    One medium flower was added to the top left corner.

That's all from me for the moment my friends, please don't forget to tune in to the Hochanda T.V. this weekend,  the show times are :-    Fri. 31st. August  @ 6pm. & 8pm.     Sat. 1st. Sept. @  9am.  1pm. & 5pm.     I'm sure you won't be disappointed, especially if you like mixed media work.  

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                                  Hugs   Jennifer xx.