Thursday, 16 February 2017

Lavender and Pearls Tag.

Good evening Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Hope you are all well and have had a good day.    It is time to share  another  of my tags.   I have used one of Imagination Craft's beautiful rice papers, although these papers look very delicate, they are actually, very strong.   They are less strong when wet.   If you are just using certain images from the sheet,  I  find it best to roughly cut out the image, then wet around the the edges of the image, using water and a paintbrush, then you can gently pull away the edges, this makes feathered  edges which blend into whatever you glue the rice paper onto.   It is best to use Imagination's Decoupage glue for this, you can also use it on top of the rice paper which puts a clear layer on top, similar to varnish, which also protects the surface.

Cut out a tag shape from lavender card.   Cut a smaller tag shape  from white card and matt onto the lavender tag.

Glue a section of the rice paper onto a smaller tag shape, using the decoupage glue.   Matt this onto the base tag.

Thread some ribbon through the hole in the top of the tag.

Cut out the circle, butterfly and the lady from a second sheet of the same rice paper and glue onto some white card.   Trim around the shapes.

Paint the butterfly with watered down Amethyst Starlight paint, just enough to give a sheen but not enough to cover over the design on the paper.   Paint the lady, using watered down Topaz for her hair and Amethyst for her dress.   Glue these to the tag front using silicone glue.

Glue a small pearl gem to her earlobe.   Lastly, make a stand and glue to the back of the tag so it can be stood up.

Well that's that finished, hope you like it.   I'll be back soon with another creation.   Have a fabulous weekend when it arrives.   Many thanks for stopping by my blog, hope you have enjoyed your visit.

                                                               Love and  rainbows,

                                                               Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

'Red Roses for Love,' Tag.

Hi there Everyone,

Happy Valentine's Day to you all.   Sue from Imagination Craft's has set me a challenge -  to make tags, using all of their stencils !!!    no pressure then lol!   they have a huge amount  lol!  so this could take me a few years ha! ha!   watch this space lol!     I thought this tag was quite appropriate for Valentine's Day.   I have used two stencils for this tag, The 'Rose Duo' panel stencil and the 'Big Cat' stencil and  Sparkle mediums.   The stamps I used were given free with craft magazines, as was the heart die.

Cut a tag shape from white card and put into an embossing machine along with the 'Big Cat' stencil and emboss.

Keeping the stencil on the tag, dab some black ink through the design using a piece of cut 'n' dry foam.   Cut out a slightly larger tag from red card and put this aside for the moment.

Lay the 'Rose Duo 'stencil onto the embossed tag and spread the Bright Red and the Antique bronze Sparkle Mediums  over the roses.   Spread the Sage green  and the Antique bronze over the stems and leaves.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.   Glue this to the larger red tag.

Take some white card and lay the rose stencil onto it and spread the Sparkle Mediums over the design, as you did previously, remove stencil and leave the image to dry.

Cut out the two rose heads and three of the leaves, leaving  a tiny border of white around them.   Glue these to the original design on the embossed tag, using silicone glue.

Die-cut one large and one small heart from red card.   Stamp the swirly pattern onto the small heart, using a black ink pad and the 'I love you' onto the larger heart.   Matt these onto white card and trim around the edges leaving  tiny white borders.   Glue these to the tag using sticky foam pads and glue a red gemstone to the large heart.

Glue a strip of black card across the top of the tag and glue some white lace over the top of the black strip.   Add an organza  ribbon bow through the hole in the top of the tag.

Glue a small red triangle of red card at the top edges of the white tag.    Make a stand and glue to the back of the tag, so it can be stood up.

Well, that is my tag finished, just another few hundreds to go lol!   I will get there - eventually lol!   I'll be back soon with another creation, so until then take care of yourselves.

                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                                   Hugs    Jennifer xx.

Sunday, 12 February 2017

Life is Good in the Garden.

Hello there, Jennifer back again,

Hope your weekend has been good, we have had snow most of the day along with a bitterly cold East wind but I understand the weather is about to change this coming week, roll on the Sparing lol!

My card this evening was made for Imagination Craft's One Day Special shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel which were shown last week, not sure if this one got an airing, so here it is.   I have used Imagination's  ' Life is Good....' stencil along with some Starlight paints and Sparkle Medium.

Matt a piece of dark blue paper onto the white 7"x7" base card, leaving a small border of the white showing.

Take a smaller piece of lavender card and lay the stencil onto it.   Mask off everything except the words and the frame with masking tape.   Spread the Diamond quartz Sparkle medium over the sentiment and frame, using the metal spatula.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.   Matt this onto the base card.


Just look at these gorgeous Starlight colours !!  aren't they just fabulous, so lush.


Using these wonderful colours, colour a piece of white card, blending the colours into each other, no need to be too precise as long as the card is all covered.

 From this card, die-cut some flowers using the Sizzix flower dies.   Colour a piece of white card with  the Misty green Starlight, then die-cut some leaves, again using the Sizzix flower die set.     Die-cut one leaf stem from the green card, using the Spellbinder's die, then glue these to the base card, using Magi-bond glue.

Die-cut two butterflies using the Spellbinder's die, from  the left over painted card.   Glue these to the top left and centre right of the base card.

Glue three blue gems to the left of the sentiment and three to the bottom right.

 That is this card finished, hope you like it.   Many thanks for taking the time to look at my blog, see you all again soon.   In the meantime, have a good week and I hope the sun shines on you.

                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                                    Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Friday, 10 February 2017

'Love You To The Moon And Back.

Hi there Everyone,

Hope you are looking forward to the weekend what ever you have planned.   Tonight I would like to share a card which I made for Imagination Craft's One Day Special shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel, earlier this week.   Unfortunately I did not see all of the shows as we had to be elsewhere, so not sure if this card got an airing, so here it is, just in case it didn't.      I love the sentiment on this  stencil.   The silver embossing on the moon does not show up very well in these photos.

Matt some turquoise paper onto the ivory 7" x 7" base card, leaving a small border of the ivory showing   Take a piece of cream shiny card from Imagination and lay the 'Love you to the Moon' stencil onto it, having masked off the moon with masking tape.   Spread the Diamond blue Sparkle Medium over the design.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.

Lay the stencil back onto  the image and draw around the moon, using a pencil.   Remove the stencil, then cut out the moon.   Put this to one side for the moment.

Take a piece of dark blue card and stamp the 'Love Poem' onto it, using a Versamark pad and heat emboss with silver embossing powder.

Fix this to the left of the base card.   Matt the cream card with the sentiment and cut-out moon aperture on top of the base card, using sticky foam pads, making sure the 'Love Poem' can be seen through the cut-out moon.

That is this card finished, quite a quick card to make.    Thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me a comment, each one is appreciated.   Have a wonderful relaxing weekend and I will be back soon.

                                                               Love and Rainbows,

                                                               Hugs   Jennifer xx.


Thursday, 9 February 2017

'A Mother's Love,' MDF Box.

Good afternoon All,  I have a little time before our Grandson arrives back from school, so I thought I would write my blog now.   Hope you all watched Imagination Craft's shows on Hochanda T.V. yesterday.   I managed to watch a couple of shows but we had to go out, missing the others.   Hope you enjoyed them and managed to order some crafty goodies before they sold out.

Today I would like to share my elephant MDF Box which was shown on Hochanda and which our lovely Sue demonstrated  on  last  night's show at 7pm.   This was a really enjoyable project and I chose the colours I did as they came to mind immediately I clapped  eyes on this  stunning elephant and baby stencil!    just how beautiful is this stencil !  I adore it.      Well let's get started on this project.

(1)   Paint the MDF box with chalk white MDF paint, inside and out.   This is probably not necessary but I prefer to do this as I think this helps  to show the true colour of the Starlight paints.

(2)   Next paint it with the three colours of Starlight paint, using a brush or a brayer if you have one.

(3)   Using the black ink pad, stamp the border stamp (which  was given free with a craft magazine some months ago)   around the bottom of the box, around the sides,  around the sides of the lid and at the top and bottom of the lid


(4)   Lay the stencil on top of the lid and spread the soot Rusty Patina through the stencil design, using a metal spatula.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.

(5)   Using the stencil again,  spread the Rusty Patina over the  baby elephant.   Repeat this again, until you have two baby elephants on each of the four sides of the box.   You will have to wait until each side is dry, before starting the next, as you may catch and spoil the elephants whilst still wet.   - I know this from personal experience lol!!  best to be patient lol!

(6)   When all the babies are dry, rub the  Apple green, White gold & Antique pink Starlight waxes over the top surface of the elephants gently and lightly with your finger.

(7)   Using an emery board or similar,  'rough up' the surface of the box, so the box looks old, especially over the stamped borders.

Well, there we have it, I really enjoyed decorating this box and I hope you get as much pleasure from seeing it, as I did making it.   Have a good weekend and I will be back soon with another card to share with you.

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                                  Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Tuesday, 7 February 2017

My Daisy Tag.

Good evening Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Hope you managed to tune in to the  Imagination Craft's show on Hochanda T.V. Channel earlier this evening at 8pm. to see our lovely Sue demonstrating some fabulous new products.   The new Starlight Waxes are so gorgeous, such  beautiful colours and they can be used in a variety of ways, a very useful product to have in your crafty stash.

Tonight I am sharing my Daisy tag with you, which was shown on the programme tonight.   As you may know I have been given a challenge by Sue to make tags, using all the stencils Imagination Craft's have designed over the years lol!!     Thirteen made - just another 200 or so to go ha! ha!    it may take me a few years lol!   anyway here  is one of them, hope you like it.    I apologise for the poor quality of the photographs ahead of time as they seem to be a little out of focus, I am not a good photographer lol!

Cut out a tag shape from white card and paint all over with the  Sax blue Starlight paint.   When dry, punch the top corners of the tag with the Martha Stewart corner punch.

Lay the daisy stencil on to the blue painted tag shape and dab the rich gold Starlight paint through the design.   When that is dry, stamp the Art Lace stamp on top of the daisy pattern, using a spray of water on the stamp first, then dab some orange oxidized Starlight paint onto the stamp and stamp this  on top of the rich gold daisies.

Take some dark green card and cover with Diamond Sparkle Medium. using a brayer or spread over the card with a metal spatula.    When this is dry. lay the daisy stencil onto the back of the Sparkle Mediumed green card and using a pencil, draw around the flower outlines.   Remove the stencil and cut out each petal.

Fix this to the painted blue tag, using sticky foam pads.   Glue this to a slightly larger white tag.   (I cut  out my own shape but you may be lucky enough to have a large tag die).

Fasten some green organza ribbon and lace through the hole in the top of the tag.   Colour a piece of white card with the Sax Blue Starlight paint and turn over, then lay the daisy stencil onto it and draw around two whole flowers and one half flower, using a pencil.   Cut out these flowers and glue in position on the tag front.
Die-cut three stamen from white card and glue one to the centre of each flower.

Glue a blue gemstone to the centre of each stamen.   Make a stand from white card and glue to the back so the tag can be stood up.   This tag was made using Starlight paints but it could be made using the beautiful new Starlight waxes too, to give an equally interesting effect.    That's this tag finished, just another few hundred to go lol!   Have a good Wednesday and please don't forget to tune in to Hochanda T.V. tomorrow at 9am. 12noon. 4pm and 7pm. to see Sue & Kerri-Anne demonstrating.   See you all soon.

                                                                    Love and Rainbows,

                                                                     Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Monday, 6 February 2017

Retro Squares and Butterflies - A 'Sneaky Peek.'

Hi there again,

Hope you all enjoyed your weekend.   We have had yet another sunny day here today but by teatime , the temperature had dropped.   I think we will have another thick white frost in the morning again.   I really don't mind the frost in the evening because it is  usually followed by a bright sunny day.

Tonight I have another sneaky peek  to share with you, which  I have made for  Imagination Craft's next show on the Hochanda T.V. Channel  on Tuesday 7th Feb. at 8pm. and again on Wednesday 8th Feb.  at 9am.  12noon.  4pm  7pm.  hope you can tune in.

Matt a square of black shiny card onto a 7" square white base card.   Using a slightly smaller piece of white card. lay the Retro squares stencil onto it and add the distress inks through the design, using a piece of cut 'n' dry foam.   I used Victorian velvet,scattered straw, peeled paint, Forest moss and Stormy sky inks.   Remove the stencil.

When the inks are dry, replace the stencil in the correct position and take the Antique rose Sparkle Medium and, using your finger, rub the medium through the stencil, rubbing the medium to the edges of the stencil.   This flattens the glitter in the medium, making it look flatter (ie., no pieces of glitter on the surface, just a beautiful shine) this technique is know as' foiling'  and gives a beautiful effect.   The photo below gives you some idea of the sheen, particularly when the light catches it.

Matt this onto the black matt when dry.  

Roughly cut around each butterfly from the rice paper and using decoupage glue, fix them onto some white card.   When dry, cut them out and fix to the base card using silicone glue.



Cut out a second green/black  butterfly in the same manner from a second piece of rice paper and fix on top of the first butterfly, using silicone glue.    Add small amounts of Alchemy waxes to the  wings of the butterflies.

Cut out the three small butterflies in the same way and glue to the base card.   This card is now finished, I love these rice paper butterflies, they're so pretty, hope you like it too.   Thank you for taking the time to read my blog, much appreciated.

I will be back again soon with another sneaky peek, so catch you all then.   Enjoy your Tuesday.

                                                             Love and rainbows,

                                                              Hugs   Jennifer xx.