Friday, 29 April 2016

Flower Trellis, a 'Sneaky Peek.'

Hi All, Well we woke up to a winter wonderland this morning and had snow showers most of the day.   I'm pleased to say it has all but gone tonight!   Hope the weather hasn't been too bad where you are, at least the temperature is due to rise this weekend but it will be wet!  can't have it all ways  I suppose lol!    The wind today has been bitterly cold and I haven't felt warm all day!      My card for tonight was made with one of Imagination Craft's fabulous new, large flower stencils, Mixed Media Inks  and Sparkle Mediums .

Fold the white base card in half, making a 7"x7" card on which to work.   Take a piece of smooth white card 6"x6" and colour, using the Mixed Media Spray Inks - Yellow, Green, Fuschia and Light blue.  

Die-cut the left-hand side of this card, using the Spellbinder's die.    Wrap a piece of light green ribbon down the card, between  the die-cut side and the uncut side, then glue this to the base card.

Lay the flower stencil onto a piece of white card and spread the Lapis Blue  and  Platinum Sparkle Mediums over the design, using a metal spatula, adding a small amount of the Old Rose.   Add the Gold Shine to the flower centre.

Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.   Trim around the flower image when dry, leaving a small border of the white showing.   Cut between the petals and shape them.   Add some silicone glue under the petals to give some dimension  and glue the flower to the centre  of the base card.

Last of all, glue a green ribbon bow to the top right of the card.     Well that's all from me tonight, thank you so much for taking the time to stop by my blog and if you have left me a comment, '"Thank you so much."    See you all soon.

                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                               Crafty Hugs   Jennifer xx.


Thursday, 28 April 2016

A 'Sneaky Peek' at my First Ever Canvas.

Hello there Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Tonight I would like to share my first ever canvas lol!   not sure why but I have never attempted  one before but I really enjoyed creating this.   I did get VERY inky fingers lol!  but hey, it does wash off and that is all part of  experimenting with Imagination Craft's new Mixed Media Spray Inks, great fun!   Our grandson saw the fuschia ink on my fingers and looked worried, as he thought I had cut my finger lol.

(1)  Paint the canvas with white Gesso.

(2)  Die-cut two tress and glue to canvas.

(3)  Glue the Art Cutz hexagon strip to the bottom of the canvas.

(4)  Make flowers using  white card, some stamped with small images and glue in place on the bottom left of
       the canvas.

(5)  Using the Mixed Media Spray Inks,  colour the whole canvas.   When dry, cut out the birds and the lady from the rice paper and glue to the canvas, I used PVA Glue for this.  

(6)  Using a black ink pad, stamp the sentiment in the centre of the canvas.

(7)  Die-cut a few leaves, using the memory Box die and paint them with the Menthol and Emerald Green Starlight paints.   Glue these in place around the flowers.

(8)  Paint a small piece of sequin waste with the Dried Rose  Starlight Paint and glue to the bottom left of the flowers.

(9)  Add some dots by using a piece of sequin waste and a white ink pad.   Add various sized circles using wine bottle corks, again using a white ink pad   (but of course you will have to drink the wine first lol!!).

(10) Rub the edges of the canvas with  the different coloured Alchemy waxes.   Do the same on the hexagon Art Cutz, the trees and the tops of the flowers.     The colours I used were Bronze, Inca Gold, French Lavender and Japanese Jade.

Well that's this canvas finished, I do hope you like it.   Please do not forget to tune in to the Hochanda TV Channel this Friday 29th April 2016 at 8pm. to see our lovely Sue and Lisa B demonstrating some new products and there are some special offers too!    I will be back again very soon with another  'sneaky peek.'

                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                                Big Hugs    Jennifer xx.

Wednesday, 27 April 2016

A Flower 'Just For You.' A sneaky Peek.

Hi there Peeps,

Hope your week is going well so far.   I cannot believe it is nearly the weekend again lol!   These weeks are just flying by!   Tonight I would like to share one of my 'sneaky peeks'  I have made for Imagination Craft's next shows on the Hochanda  TV Channel this Friday and Saturday  29th and 30th April 2016.    I have used one of their new large flower stencils and their new Mixed Media Spray Inks.

Using a 7"x7" white base card,  matt a smaller piece of turquoise card onto it, leaving a white border showing.      Spray some cheap shaving foam into a plastic container and spray on some fuschia and green Mixed Media Inks.   Move the colours around in the foam, using a cocktail stick until you are satisfied with the pattern you have made.   Lay the card on top of the foam for a second or two, pressing down very gently.  

Remove the card and the coloured pattern should have transferred to the card.   Remove the excess shaving foam using a metal spatula or ruler and leave the card  to dry.

                                                  When dry, matt onto the turquoise card.

Lay the large flower stencil onto some white paper and spray with the two Mixed Media Inks.   Remove the stencil and leave to dry.

                                   Cut out all the petals and glue in position on the coloured card.

Add some Stickles glitter glue around the edge of the flower centre.    Using a black ink pad, stamp the 'Just for You' sentiment in the bottom right corner.

Well that's it for tonight my friends.   I'll be back again very soon with another 'sneaky peek.'   I hope you will be too.   Stay warm and snug during this cold spell we are having, hopefully the weather will warm up soon.

                                                                 Love and Rainbows,

                                                               Big Hugs   Jennifer xx.


Monday, 25 April 2016

Golden Lace.

Hi there Follower, Friends and Visitors,

Hope you all had a relaxing, peaceful weekend.      We have  had snow showers and some hail here the last few days but it has not amounted to anything.    Where oh where is the Spring lol!   The temperature drops like a stone in the evenings though.    I have been busy making samples for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Crafts.   Their next show on the Hochanda TV Channel is in a few days.   I will let you know the date and time very soon.   I will also be showing you a few 'sneaky peeks.'     Well onto to tonight's card, which I made in March 2016.    I have used  Imagination's  very beautiful and useful 'Lace stamp.

Fold the white scalloped card in half down the centre crease line, making a 6" x 6" base card on which to work.   Using the lace stamp, stamp the design onto white card using a Versamark pad and heat emboss with detail gold embossing powder.

Trim around the design, leaving a tiny white border showing.   Repeat the above but this time, cut it into four triangles and glue one in each corner of the base card.

Using a black ink pad, stamp 'Happy Birthday' underneath each triangle.   Glue the first embossed square to the centre of the base card, in a diamond fashion, using Magi-bond glue.

Die-cut two flowers from black card  using the Spellbinder's flower die.   Cut each one in half and glue to the centre of the embossed diamond.

Die-cut the Tim Holtz large flower and colour with the pearly paint palette.   Rub the edge of each petal onto a  Versamark pad and heat emboss with detail gold embossing powder.   Glue this on top of the black flowers.

 Add a white die-cut flower then more of the black flowesrs.   Add two more die-cuts, one in pink mirri card and the other in white.   Add some platinum Detail Sparkle to the flower centre,    The card is now finished, hope you like it.    Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog, I really do appreciate it.     I will be back soon with another of my creations.    Stay snug and warm in this cold weather we are having at the moment.   Hopefully the weather will change very soon.

                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                                 Big hugs    Jennifer xx.

Friday, 22 April 2016

Perfume Bottles.

Hello Everyone,

Yet another lovely day but boy has the temperature dropped tonight lol!   Hope you've all had a good day whatever you have been up too and that you  are looking forward to the weekend.   We spent yesterday in the garden, tidying up and have been out shopping all day.   So lovely to get back home this evening, put my feet up, read my new craft mags, along with a lovely cup of tea! ah heaven.

If I have not already welcomed you to my blog as a follower, I must appologise as I have lost count of who has just joined lol!   old age creeping up on me I think!     so if I have - welcome to my blog, hope you enjoy your visits and thaks for following my blog.

Tonight I have a card to share with you which was made recently and uses a beautiful Art stamp from Imagination Crafts.   I just adore this stamp, so artistic and such beautifully designed.

Fold the scalloped. white 8"x8" ready creased card in half.   Take a smaller square of white linen card and paint all four edges with the Antique Gold Starlight paint. (No need to paint the rest of the card as only the edges will be seen.)   Matt this onto the base card.

Matt a smaller piece of navy card onto the gold-edged card.   Take a smaller square of white card and using the Versamark pad, stamp the Lacy Square in the top left corner and heat emboss with the navy embossing powder.   Repeat this in the bottom right corner.

Next, lay the Mountain Stream' stencil onto the empty top right square, tape it down and spread a mixture of the Canadian Blue and Periwinkle Blue, over the design, adding a small amount of the Spearmint on top.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.   Repeat this again on the bottom left empty corner.   Matt this onto the base card.

Colour a piece of white linen card with the Antique Gold Starlight paint, using a brush or a brayer.   When dry,  stamp the perfume bottles onto it, using the Versamark pad and heat emboss with navy embossing powder.

Trim the image, leaving a tiny border of gold showing and matt this onto larger piece of navy card.   Glue this to the centre of the base card.

Die-cut the flowers using the Memory Box die and colour them with the Sax Blue and Antique Gold Starlight paints and watered down Sax Blue paint for the light blue flowers.   Die-cut one flower from white card.

Glue these to the bottom right of the perfume bottles image.   Lastly glue a light blue ribbon bow to the  centre top of the image.   Unfortunately the beautiful sheen from the Starlight paints do not show up very well on these photos.

Well, that's this card finished,  hope you  all have a lovely weekend, whatever you have planned.   I'll see you again in a day or so, until then stay safe and above all 'be happy.'

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                             Crafty Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Rainbow Fairy.

Good evening All,

Hope you are all well,  if not here's a   ((( hug)))    for those of you who may need one for whatever reason.   What a beautiful day it has been here today,   blue skies and sunshine, temperature still a tad on the low side but mustn't complain , at least the sun was out and it wasn't raining lol!     I would like to welcome my newest follower Sheila, thanks so much for following and I hope you enjoy your visits.

Some 'happy post' arrived for me today from Imagination Crafts. so housework all done,   I spent some time in my craft room this afternoon, great new products  to play with.   Imagination have another show at the end of this month on the Hochanda TV Channel, so better get cracking with my samples  lol!!   Will let you know the date and time, nearer the show.

Onto tonight's card,  I have made this using Imagination Craft's gorgeous 'star touch fairy' stencil and a few other products, as most of you now know, fairies are one of my favourite subjects lol   and I love their fairy stencils.

Fold the ready creased white card down the centre crease line, making a 7"x7" base card.   Matt a piece of black card onto the base card, leaving a quarter inch border of the white showing.   Take a piece of white linen card, cut slightly smaller than the black, with more black showing at the top and bottom, than at the sides but do not matt onto the base card yet.

Add some cheap shaving foam to your square plastic container  and spray the Mixed Media Inks onto the it.   Move the colours around, using a cocktail stick.   Lay your white card down onto it and press gently for a few seconds, then lift off the card.

Remove the  excess shaving foam with a metal spatula and you are left with a beautiful coloured pattern (and  a card that also smells nice lol!!).

Lay the star touch fairy stencil onto this coloured card and spread the gold shine Sparkle Medium over the star only.  
Next spread the black stars Sparkle Medium over the fairy, using a metal spatula.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry..   Matt this onto the base card.

Add five tiny black star gems to the top left of the card and three round black gems to the bottom right of the card.

Well that's this card finished, hope you like it.   I'll be back again in a few  days time.   Enjoy the rest of your week, stay safe and be happy!

                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                                   Hugs   Jennifer xx.


Saturday, 16 April 2016

'Dance Like There's No One Watching.'

Hello Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Happy Saturday to you all.   The poor little lambs in the field next to us don't know what's hit them lol!  it is bitterly cold out there today and the hill tops are covered with snow!   looks very beautiful though lol!   I have been out and done my shopping and I'm pleased to say,  I'm now sitting in front of our beautiful warm wood burner and that is where I intend to stay lol!!     I can craft on my knee!!!   I thought I would post my blog this afternoon as I want to watch the telly tonight with my Hubby.

My card for today is made using Imagination Craft's wonderful  'ballroom dancers' Art Stamp,   I know I say it every time but I adore this stamp, so beautiful.   Well, here is how I have used it.

Fold a piece of white A4 card in half, portrait style and onto this matt a piece of  lavender paper, leaving a quarter inch border of the white base card showing.

Using a piece of heatproof acetate, just slight;y larger than the stamp, colour one side of it with the alcohol inks, using a blending tool.

When dry, which only takes a few seconds, stamp the ballroom dancers onto the un-inked side,  using a Versamark pad, then heat emboss with Imagination Craft's detail silver embossing powder.

Trim around the image, leaving a small border of the inked edge showing and matt onto a slightly larger piece of white card.   Punch 4 small holes, one in each corner and fix a silver brad in each hole.    Matt this onto the base card, on an angle.   One little tip here  lol,    if you trim right up to the edge of the silver embossing, if may chip off so best to leave a small edge beyond the embossed edge.

Die-cut 3 flowers using the Spellbinder's die and paint them with the Starlight paints, adding a little pearl Starlight paint on top of the flowers, to 'tone down. the deepness of the amethyst and bright fuschia Starlight paints.

Paint the die-cut flourish and leaves with the Menthol paint.   Glue a small Dazzler to each flower centre.

Glue a white feather, the flowers, leaves and the flourish to the bottom of the card, using Magi-bond glue.

Well that's this card finished, I do hope you like it and thank you so much for stopping by my blog, I do love to share my creations with you all.   Hope this may give you some inspiration when making your cards and if you are not a card maker, I would like to think this may encourage you to take up this relaxing hobby.

Take care of yourselves, have a great weekend and I'll be back again with more creations very soon.

                                                              Love and rainbows,

                                                           Happy crafting,  Hugs Jennifer xx.

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Petal Perfect.

Hello Fellow Bloggers, Friends and Visitors,

My card for tonight was made for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Crafts.   For this I have used their lovely poinsettia stencil which can be used as a Christmas poinsettia or pretty Spring or Summer flowers, a very versatile stencil and useful to have in your crafty stash.

My base card is a ready creased white card and when folded makes a 7"x7" base card.   Matt a piece of dark green card onto this base card,  leaving a small border of the white showing.   Take a piece of light blue card, smaller than the green.   Take  the poinsettia stencil and  lay this on top of the blue card and press down, (you could run over the surface of the stencil with a brayer  or, you could run it through an embossing machine.  Remove the stencil.   The Versamark should now  have transferred to the blue card.

Cover the card with clear embossing powder and heat emboss using a heat gun.   This makes the light blue card look much darker and of course, reverses the poinsettia pattern, so the background is coloured and not the poinsettias.)    Matt this onto the green card.

Take some acetate and lay the stencil onto it and spread the diamond Sparkle Medium over it, using a metal spatula,  (this time, it is the poinsettias which get covered and not the background.)   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.

Cut out each individual poinsettia and glue the centres to the embossed blue card.   Lift up each petal by putting a small amount of silicone glue under each one.   Leave to dry.

When dry, add a drop or two of the green Detail Sparkle to each flower stencil.

Who says "blue and green should never be seen' lol!!   I think they look good together, after all, blue and greens are always seen in nature !!      That's all from me for the moment, catch you all in a few  days time, in the meanwhile have a good Thurs/Fri,   then it's the weekend again !  whoopee and the weather is supposed to be getting better then.

                                                                    Love and rainbows,

                                                               Happy crafting, Hugs   Jennifer xx. 

Monday, 11 April 2016

'Butterfly Meadow.'

Hello there Peeps,

What a great day it has been here today, I actually got some gardening done lol!   blue sky and sunshine, so very welcome after all the dull days we have had.

Tonight's card was made for Imagination Craft's latest show on the Hochanda TV Channel but unfortunately it did not get an airing, so here it is.   I have used the new Mixed Media Spray Inks for the background, I am really enjoying playing with these.    I've had very inky fingers I have to say !    One or two things on my worktop are now sprayed (accidentally) with  a rainbow of colours lol!!    I would suggest you spray your card in an open box !

Work on a white 7"x7" base card and matt a piece of black card onto   it,  leaving a small border of the white base card showing..

Next matt a smaller piece of yellow onto the black.     Take a piece of white card and colour with the Mixed Media Spray Inks.    When dry,   matt this onto a piece of black card, leaving a tiny border of the black showing.

Lay the butterfly meadow stencil onto this card and spread the Black Stars Sparkle Medium over the design, using a metal spatula.

Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.  

Matt this onto the yellow card.    Another quick and easy card to make.   The thing I like about the spray inks is,  that you can never make two  background alike, which makes each card very  individual.

Many thanks for taking the time to stop by my blog, hope you have enjoyed your visit.   I do hope you will visit again.    See you  again in a couple of days.

                                                                    Love and rainbows,

                                                                   Big Hugs    Jennifer xx.

Saturday, 9 April 2016

A Postcard from Paris. A 'Sneaky Peek.'

Good morning All,

Here is another 'sneaky peek' before  the TV show this afternoon at 3pm.   This has been made using one of the beautiful rice paper designs from Imagination Crafts.   Hope you like it.

Colour a square of white card around  all four  edges  with the  dried rose and  red Starlight paints.   Matt this onto a 7"x7" white base card, leaving a small border of the white base card showing.

Cut out the part of the design you wish to have on the front of your card.   Glue this onto a square of white card.   Trim to size so that the rose/red border is showing and fix this to the base card.

From the second piece of rice paper, cut out the chair, the tag and the clock.   Glue these onto some white

card, then cut them out. and glue them onto the original images from the first sheet of rice paper, using silicone glue to give some dimension to the card.

Glue the left-over piece of the clock face to the right-hand side of the card, above the chair.

Colour a piece of white card with the Starlight paints and die-cut one corner, using the Tattered Lace corner die and glue to the top left corner.

Die-cut three large and two small and two tiny roses from the card painted with the Starlight paints.  Glue  these roses to the card front.


Well, that's all for the moment,   Hope you all enjoy the show and if you are lucky enough to be going to the Alexandra Palace for the craft show, have loads of fun.   Sue from Imagination Craft's will be demoing on the B.J. Craft stand in the Great Hall  and she will also be broadcasting live via the Hochanda Craft Channel at 3pm.    so pop in and say hello.

I'll be back in a few days, so see you then.   In the meantime, have a great weekend.

                                                              Love and rainbows,

                                                               Crafty Hugs    Jennifer xx.