Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Frilly Fuschias

Good  Morning Fellow Bloggers, Friends and Visitors,

Hope you've had a good start to the week.   I had a good day yesterday, went out  food shopping and managed to find time to pop into a craft shop, my favourite type of shop lol!!   I bought a few crafty bits and bobs, so hopefully will have some time today to play with them.   The card I would like to share with you today was made for Sue and Harvey of  in May 2012 and uses one of the decoupage stamp  sets, fuschia, some  sparkle medium and their nature mica powder set, which has some really pretty colours  in it..   This is quite a quick card to make, so let's get started.

Make a base card from white card stock,  onto this matt a piece of maroon coloured card slightly smaller than the white,  leaving a small border of the white showing.   Take a piece of white card and the Spellbinders butterfly circle die and cut out and emboss.  Put the circle aside for a future project and use the butterfly waste.   Glue four of the larger butterflies, one in each corner using Magi-Bond Glue.

Next cut out and emboss the Mariane Die from white card and fix to the centre of the maroon card in a diamond fashion.    Take a piece of white card and using a Versmark pad,  stamp the fuschia onto it and heat emboss with the claret embossing powder.  Colour the leaves with the mica powders,  a paintbrush and a little water.   Colour around the edges of the design with dusty concord and milled lavender distress inks using a blending tool.   Trim around the image and matt this onto a piece  of maroon card,  leaving a border showing.

Matt this onto a piece of white card and leave a tiny border  of white showing.   Fix this on top of the Marianne Die-cut using sticky foam pads.   Add a small amount of the sparkle medium to the calyx of the sepals (top of the fuschia).   Add three pearls to the top right and bottom left of the card.   Well there we have it, another finished card and I think you'll agree it was a fairly quick card to make.

Enjoy the rest of your week my friends and I'll be back in a few  days  with my very first inspiration card for  the  Imagination Craft's Challenge Blog which is due to be posted at 8am on the 1st. February 2012.   Very exciting for me.   Take good care of yourselves until then.

                                                                Love and rainbows,

                                                              Crafty Hugs   Jennifer xx . 


Monday, 27 January 2014

Exquisite Echinacea

Hello my lovely friends,

How are you all ?  well I hope.    I have had a lovely afternoon crafting, working on design team work which I cannot show you yet.   Tonight I  would like to share a card with you which I made in May 2012 and uses quite a few different stamp sets but the main image is the Echinacea  Stamp, which I loved from the day Sue and Harvey added it to the   Imagination Craft's website.   This is such a beautiful  botanical stamp and is a positive/negative stamp.   It is still available from their website and, as it happens,  is in the bargain basement for only £3.50   a bargain if ever there was one lol!!   ok let's get on with the card shall we.

Make a base card from black card.   Take a slightly smaller piece of buff coloured card and randomly stamp it with the stamps using  a black ink pad, stamping first onto a scrap of paper and using the second impression on the card.   Matt this onto the base card.   Cut a  two inch strip of black card and matt this
across  the stamped card but not in the centre, just above halfway.

Take another piece of black card the same width but about one inch wide and rub over with a Versamark pad, then brush the mica powders of your choice over it, I used copper, orange and green from the Brights Mica Set.   Fix this across the centre of the black strip.

Punch out three large flowers from some kingfisher blue card and glue onto the mica strip, one at each end and one in the bottom right corner of the card.   Punch out six small black flowers and glue to the three large flowers.   Glue two small flowers to the card and the third black flower next to the large blue flower on the bottom right.    Glue a gem to the centre of each flower and   glue three more gems in a line at the top of the card.

Using the Marianne Design border die, cut out and emboss the border  using the kingfisher blue card.

 Take a square of black card and rub over the card with a Versamark pad.   Dust with mica powder.   Cover the echinacea stamp with Versamark  and stamp onto the mica powder covered card and this will lift off some of the mica powder,   leaving an image of the echinacea on the card.   Trim to fit the blue border and glue it in place.   Unfortunately the beautiful sheen from the mica powders do not show up very well on these photographs.

Add some sticky foam pads to the back and fix in position at an angle, over the black and mica border.

Well that's it friends, hope you like it.   Take care of yourselves and have a good week.   I'll be back soon, hope you will too !!          
                                                             Love and rainbows.

                                                              Hugs   Jennifer xx

Saturday, 25 January 2014

Pretty Primroses

Hello my lovely blogging friends, followers and visitors,

Hope  you are  enjoying  your weekend, and are ready for the coming week.   The card I have to show you this morning was made for Sue and Harvey  of  in January 2012 and uses their very pretty Spring Decoupage  Primrose Stamp Set,   Vintage Pearly Paint Palette  and the Summer Blossom Stencil.     So let us make a start shall we ?

Make a base card using the terracotta cardstock.   Take a piece of white card  and lay the stencil over it and blend the distress inks into the cut-out parts of the stencil.   Remove the stencil and add a little of the weathered wood to the edges of the white card.   Stamp the swirls around the edges of the card using a black ink pad, leave to dry.

Take another piece of white card and stamp the main primrose image onto it using a Versamark pad and heat emboss using black embossing powder.   Colour the primrose with a paintbrush  distress inks and a little water.   Paint the background with the Vintage Pearly Palette.   Cut out.   Using some black card and a die-cutting machine and the Marianne die, cut out the lacy square.   Matt the main primrose image to the centre of the square, leaving only a tiny lace edge showing.

Go back to the background card and cut diagonally across from the top left to bottom right in a wavy line.   Glue these onto some black card and trim around the edges leaving some black  edges showing.   Glue one to the bottom left corner of the base card and the other to the top right, leaving some terracotta  card showing between the two background pieces.   Next glue the main image to the centre of the base card.

Stamp seven of the primrose flower heads onto some white paper using a Tuxedo Black inkpad.   Colour these with distress inks.   Cut out and glue three to the top left and four to the bottom right.   Using a black ink pad, stamp the 'Just to Say' stamp at the top of the card and the 'Hi' to the bottom.   The products I have used can be purchased from

Have a good week everyone, I'll be back soon with another card.

                                                                Love and Rainbows,

                                                                  Hugs   Jennifer xx

Thursday, 23 January 2014

Tropical Daisy

Hi there friends,

Hope all is well with you and you've had a good week so far.   Hopefully you've managed to fit in some special crafting time lol.   We had some snow here in our neck of the woods today but I'm pleased to say it didn't last long before it melted !! thank goodness.   This time last year we had about 11 inches of snow.   Well onto tonight's card, which I made for Sue and Harvey of  Imagination Craft's in May of 2012 and uses their beautiful Daisy Decoupage Stamp Set.   The background I made by using their Tropical Leaf Stencil and the main image was coloured with Mica Powders and Sparkle Medium for the flower centre.  I do hope you like it.   Well, let's get started.

Make a base card from black card and onto this matt some cerise coloured paper, leaving a tiny border of black showing.   Next using the trimmer, cut out a piece of white card approximately one quarter of an inch smaller than the cerise paper.   Lay the stencil on top and dab some Versamark through the design.   Lift off the stencil and brush the colours of your choice from the mica power set, over the card.   I used the light green, gold and old rose pink on my card.   Fix this to the cerise paper.

Take some black card and using the daisy stamp and the Versamark pad, stamp the daisy onto the black card.   Using the brush, dust the same three mica colours over the design.   Cut out the design.

Cut out and emboss with the Grand Calibur, the snowflake pendants ( not just for Christmas lol ! )  from cerise paper and glue to the top right and lower left corners of the stamped image.   Now glue the image to the centre of the white card.  

Next take more black card and cover with Versamark and brush with mica powders.   Stamp the daisy design using Versamark, onto the mica powdered black card, which will lift off the mica powder.   Do this three times.

Cut out the daisies and 3D them onto the original stamped image, using silicone glue.   Cut out a small circle and cover with Sparkle Medium.   When dry, glue to the centre of the daisy.   Surround the circle with gold seed beads, using Magi-Bond Glue.    Well there we are, another finished card.

Thank you so much for dropping in to visit my blog, I really do appreciate your interest and I love to read your lovely comments.    You can buy the products I have used for my card    Enjoy the rest of the week, it will soon be the weekend again !  these weeks are just flying by.   See you soon.

                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                                    Hugs  Jennifer xx

Monday, 20 January 2014

Glitter and Bling

Hi All,

Good Monday morning.  Hope everyone has had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to this week.   This is an early post for me today, I have scheduled this post to appear at 8am today and hopefully I will just be getting up when it appears lol.   I would like to say welcome to  Eileen, Avril and Nicky, thank you so much for following me.   Hope you enjoy your visits to my blog.

Earlier this week I had some very exciting news from Linda Simpson  telling  me that I have made it onto the Imagination Craft's  Challenge Blog design team, so exciting !!   I'm really looking forward to being part of this amazing team!    So a big thank you to Linda for giving me the opportunity and for  having me on board .   I just want to say thank you to the team for making me so welcome, they're a great bunch !!     My first post for the Challenge Blog will go live on the 1st. February 2014 at 8am in the morning, hence my scheduling of this post for 8am today, this is a practice run before the big day lol.   Hopefully it has worked lol !!

Now, onto today's card.  This was made for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Craft's in April 2013 and uses their Sparkle Medium, card, Silkies and Butterfly dots stencil.  Without more ado, let's get crafting lol.

Make a base card from the black card.   Matt a smaller piece of peach onto the black.   Take the blue card and using the Grand Calibur and the stencil, emboss the blue card and matt it onto the peach card.

Using black card  the labels die and the stencil, run through the die-cutting machine to cut out and emboss the black card.

Cut out another slightly larger label using gold card.    Matt the black onto the gold then matt onto the blue card.

Cut out the floral corner die from blue card, twice.   Glue these to the black card, one on each side.   Cut a strip approximately 2" wide from white card.   Mix some Sparkle Gel with the Blush Satin' Silkies and spread it over the card.   'Rough it up' using the spatula.   Sprinkle with gold glitter and add some beads and sequins, then leave to dry.

Cut two narrow strips of blue card and glue down the sides of the white card (now decorated).   Glue this to the centre of the base card.   Voila !!! we are finished.   Hope you like it and thank you so much for stopping by my blog and many thanks for your lovely comments, I read every one.

Take care of yourselves and have a good week.   I'll be back with another  card later in the week , so cheerio for now.

                                                              Love and Rainbows,

                                                                Hugs  Jennifer xx

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Gilded Poppies.

Good evening Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Hope your week is going well,  it will  be the weekend before we know it.     These weeks seem to fly by at an enormous speed lol !!     The older I get, the faster they seem to go !!    The weather here today has been really wet and dreary.   I have tried to photograph some cards today but they have not come out very well, especially the ones with acetate wraps !!   the flash reflects in the acetate,  ah well, I'll just have to wait until the weather cheers up  and heaven knows when that will be lol !!   Well onto tonight's card,   I made this one for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Craft's and it uses their Red Sparkle Medium, Gilding Flakes and their beautiful  Poppies Gilding Stamp Set.   Hope you like it.

Make a base card from white card stock.   Cut a piece of black card slightly smaller than the white card so a small border of white is showing.   Next take a piece of red card cut slightly smaller then the black.   Take the red card and using the black ink pad , stamp the corner stamps in each corner and the butterflies over the rest of the card.   Over - stamp the corners with the stamping and gilding glue and cover with the gilding flakes.   Brush off the excess.   Put the ribbon down the red card front and secure on the back of the card.   Tear a strip of black card into a triangular shape and glue to the centre of the red card.

Take a piece of acetate and stamp the main image onto it with Versamark and heat emboss using black embossing powder.   Turn the acetate over and spread some of the stencilling glue over it, cover with the gilding flakes.   Brush off the excess flakes.   Remove some of the flakes in a few places, particularly near the poppies and cover over the spaces with the red Sparkle Medium.   Leave to dry.   When dry, trim the acetate in an uneven way.   Put four holes through each corner of the acetate, the red and the black card.   Insert a brad in each corner.   Fix the red and black card onto the white base card.   Add a bow to the ribbon.

Cut out a flourish from gold card  using the die and the Grand Calibur.   Glue this behind the acetate.   Put some silicone glue under the acetate to raise it up a little.

Well we are finished.  I love the red, gold and black  colour combination, hope you do to.   Take care of yourselves until my next post.     I'll be back soon with another card.

                                                                Love and rainbows, 

                                                                Hugs   Jennifer xxx

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Freesia's Just For You

Good Sunday evening Followers, Friends and Visitors.

I do hope you have all had a great weekend,  and the weather has been kind to you.  I have managed to fit in lots of crafting time this weekend.   My craft room looks like a whirlwind has just blown through it lol !!   I  will finish the cards I am making tomorrow at the moment,   then I will have a real tidy up !!!

Well on to tonight's card.     This was made  for Sue and Harvey of  Imagination Crafts.  I love working with their  Sparkle Medium, they have some fabulous  products and the colours are stunning.   I made this card using their Freesia Decoupage Stamp Set,  Butterfly Curls Stencil,  Yellow Satin Card  and  Amber Sparkle Medium.       

Make a base card from the maroon card.   Take the yellow card and lay the stencil on top and spread the Sparkle Medium over the design.   Remove the stencil carefully and leave the image to dry.

Cut around the inside of the design making an aperture.   Fix this frame to the maroon base card using sticky foam pads.

Take a piece of white card and using  purple distress ink, stamp the main freesia image.   Colour with Promarker Pens.   Cut out a circle from the image and glue to the centre of the card.   Stamp the image a further five times, colour and cut out.   3D onto the main circular image using silicone glue.

Cut out a small oval shape from white card,  colour with distress ink and stamp 'Just For You' in the centre.   Glue this to the circle on the main image.

Well that's all for tonight folks.   Enjoy your week ahead.   Thanks for stopping by to read my blog.    See you again in a few days time.

                                                                  Love and Rainbows,

                                                                   Hugs   Jennifer xx

Wednesday, 8 January 2014

Orchid Plant, Just for You.

Good Evening  All,

Hope life is treating you well.  The Christmas celebrations seem a long time ago now.  Everyone is back in their usual routines again.   The weather here today has been quite nice with the sun popping it's head out from behind the clouds every now and again and the sky has been blue today too!!   I was beginning to think grey was going to be the permanent colour lol!!   I got all my chores done this morning and have had a lovely afternoon crafting making cards for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Crafts.  The card I would like to share with you this evening uses their Orchid Decoupage Stamp Set,  Daisy Diamond Embossable and my favourite product - yes, you guessed - Sparkle Medium !  colour Lavender.  So let's get started shall we ?

Make a white base card and onto this matt a smaller piece of lavender paper.   Cut a piece of blue card slightly smaller than the lavender and lay the Embossable  on top.   Spread the Sparkle Medium across the Embossable  using the spatula.   Remove the Embossable and leave the image to dry.   When dry, matt this blue card onto the lavender paper.   

Stamp the image onto white card and colour with Promarker Pens.   Stamp out again five times more using a black ink pad.   Colour and 3D onto main image.   Matt this onto a piece of white card and then onto some lavender paper.         

Cut out and emboss the X Cut 'ornate frame' die from white card and glue to the base card in a diamond shape.   Next glue the main 3D image onto the frame.  Add four square lavender gemstones to the ornate frame corners.  Well that's it folks all done.   The beautiful lavender sparkle medium does not show up very well on the photo but in real life so to speak, it really glitters.

Thank you so much for visiting my blog and I hope you get some ideas and inspiration for your own card making.    I do hope you will pop back soon,  I'll be back  in a few days with another card.  Take good care of yourselves  until my next post.

                                                               Love and rainbows,

                                                                 Hugs  Jennifer xx


Sunday, 5 January 2014

Bird house wall hanging.

Good evening Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Hope you are all having a nice weekend.   This has been a good time for me to get some crafting done.   The weather in our neck  of the woods has been very dull and wet  today.    Fortunately we do not have any flooding problems as some other areas have.  If you are having problems with flooding my heart goes out to you and I hope things get a whole lot better for you soon.   Well onto my project for this evening.   I say project as tonight's offering is not a card but an MDF Board with charms which can be purchased from Imagination Craft's.   This is just that little bit different, hope you like it.

                                                 Below is the front of the MDF Charm Set

These charm sets consist of a front frame with a square appertue in the centre and a back board along with some charms which include the bird and birdhouse used above and they just pop out so easily.

For the above board I used only the back of the set.   I began by sanding the board lightly with sandpaper.   I then painted it with Imagination Craft's MDF Paint - Limestone.   When the paint was dry I filled a spritzer bottle with water and added some mica powders and spritzed it over the front and back of the board.

When dry I then put the Flower Frame Border  Stencil onto the front of the board and spread the Jade Sea Detail Sparkle Medium over it.    I removed the stencil and left the image to dry.   I then washed and dried the stencil and put it onto some white card and traced around the flowers and leaves, then cut them out and coloured them using mica powder.    I then glued them in position around the oval ( as on the stencil).   I covered a small piece of white card with the Jade Sea detail sparkle and punched out some tiny circles when dry and glued these to the flower centres.

I covered the birdhouse charm with gilding glue and covered with Golden Glow Gilding Flakes.  I added a piece of card covered with the detail sparkle and glued it behind the heart apperture on the bird house.  I cut out  the edges of the roof from white card and coloured them with mica powder then glued them to the roof edge.   Add a small bow to the apex of the roof.   Cover the bird with the purple detail sparkle with a touch of white shimmer detail sparkle..  Glue the house and bird to the centre of the flower frame.   Add a larger bow to the bottom right corner.   That's the front finished.                                                  

Now for the back of the board which has much less detail but still looks pretty I think.   I placed the Spring is Here Stencil onto the back of the board and spread the Jade Sea Detail Sparkle over it.    I removed the stencil and left the image to dry.  The birds on the top left do not show up very well on this photo, sorry.
                                                          This is the back of the board.

This could be made into a wall hanging by punching two holes along the top edge with a Cropodile tool or similar and add some ribbon.   Well that's it folks we're finished.  I do hope you like it.   Please leave me a comment and let me know what you think of my project.   I would love to hear from you.   Until my next post, take care of yourselves and I hope the weather improves for us all soon.

                                                              Love and rainbows,

                                                                Hugs   Jennifer xx


Thursday, 2 January 2014

Little Song Bird

Good evening All,

Hope everyone is fit and well after all the festivities.   Have you made any new year resolutions?   I have made two, the first one is to enjoy my crafting and keep my workspace tidy !!   the first part of this I know I can do lol !  but the second part - well I can't find anything when I tidy up !!   but hey I'll give a go lol.      The second is to get back to sensible eating habits after the Christmas/New Year binge of cake, wine, sweets etc., etc.,     Well onto this evening's card.     This was made in April 2013 for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Crafts and uses their Silkies, the fabulous Sparkle Gel and their  Lilies Border and Background Stencils.  This is a fairly quick and easy card to make so, off we go !

Make a base card from lemon card and onto this matt some blue paper leaving a border of the lemon showing.   Take some white card and colour with distress inks.    Take the now coloured card and lay the border stencil on it.   Mix together the Sparkle Gel and the Royal Satin Silky until you're happy with the colour, then spread over the stencil.  Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.

When dry, trim around the design on the outside edges.  Glue this to the blue paper.   Cut out the Memory Box bird cage and the Ranger flower from white card using the Grand Calibur.   Emboss the the flower and the cage using a Versamark pad and silver embossing powder, then  heat emboss.

Using the lily flourishes stencil, trace around one of the lilies onto some coloured card  ( white card coloured with the same inks as your base card background).   Then add  a little of the mixed Sparkle Gel to the centre of the flower.

Make some ribbon loops and glue to the back of the lily and glue this onto  the silver embossed flower.   Glue the flower to the bottom right of the card.   Using the Marianne Design Die, cut out a small blue bird and glue inside the cage.    

Add a silver jump ring to the top of the bird cage.   Glue the cage  to the sparkle gel swirl on the top of the card as though it was hanging from it  and add a blue ribbon bow  to the top of the cage.

Well that's all there is to it lol.   I'll be back again soon but until then be healthy, happy and above all enjoy life.   

                                                                    love and rainbows, 

                                                                   Big hugs  Jennifer xx