Monday, 30 September 2013

Our little red beauties.

Hi all, I just thought I would pop in an extra post today as I would like to share some photos of the red squirrels who live in our woodland and come to our squirrel feeders in our garden.  One feeder is placed about six feet from our window so we get a fabulous view, the other is a little farther away.  Aren't they just fabulous little creatures?   We have a least six that we know of as they were dotted around the garden at the same time so we could count them.   How many more we have we are  not sure.   We are so......lucky to have these wonderful little creatures  in our garden lolls  !! 

We filled thier feeders up with a mixture of pine kernels, sunflower seeds and peanuts and they ate all the peanuts and left the rest lolls !!!      very fussy little squirels.  The peanuts cost us an arm and a leg as they bury them all over our garden and in my window boxes lolls  but boy are they worth it !!   We get so much pleasure just watching them.

By sharing these photos I hope I have given you some pleasure too.

                                                               Love and rainbows
                                                                      Jennifer xx


Sunday, 29 September 2013

By Lantern Light

Good evening all, it's me again, Jennifer,

How are you all?  well I hope and ready to start another week!  It will soon be the start of a whole new month !  they are just whizzing by aren't they ?   Christmas doesn't seem far away once you get into October.
Tonight's card was made for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Craft's in July of 2012.   ready for all the shows leading up to the Christmas period.   I made it using the Christmas Lantern Stamp from their Decoupage Stamp Range and I really like this one as it is so........Christmasy  (if there is such a word lol !!)   So let us get started.

Make a base card from matte black cardstock.   Take some buff coloured paper and stamp the berries from the stamp set, along the top and bottom edges, using a black ink pad.   Matt this onto the base card leaving  wider borders of black showing at the sides than at the top and bottom edges. 

Cut a piece of green paper and trim the top and bottom edges with some decorative scissors.   Matt this onto the buff coloured paper, leaving the berries showing at the top and the bottom and no buff paper showing at the sides.

Take a piece of white card and lay the stencil on top and spread the sparkle medium over it using the spatula and leave to dry.   When dry, matt onto a piece of black card.   Wrap the ribbon across the centre of the card and secure on the reverse.   Matt this onto the green paper.

Take a further piece of white card and using the black ink pad, stamp the lantern image five times.   Colour with Promarker Pens and cut out.   Add a piece of acetate behind the lantern to look like glass and 3D.   Matt this onto a square of white card and then onto a piece of shiny black card.   Matt this on top of the ribbon and add a ribbon bow to the right-hand side of the base card.

There we are, all finished.   I was quite pleased with my efforts, hope you like it.  Until the next time,  take good care of yourselves and have a good week.

                                                                  Love and rainbows

                                                                       Jennifer xx

Thursday, 26 September 2013

Snowflurry snowflakes.

Hi  followers, friends and visitors,

Jennifer here again with another one of my creations.   This card I made for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Craft's in July 2012.   I know lols, I hear you say Christmas cards in July !!!!!    but that is when we crafters begin thinking of and making our Christmas samples.   This is a very quick card to make if you don't have a great deal of time or you are making a lot of the same card for all your friend's and relatives.   Let's get cracking without further ado, so here we go.

The base card is made from lilac cardstock and onto this I matted a piece of blue card, slightly smaller than the lilac.

Take some shiny black card and lay the stencil onto it and dab the Versamark through the design on the stencil.   Carefully remove the stencil and using a soft brush, dust the mica powders over the Versamark.   Dust off the excess powders.   Cut around the design.

Matt another piece of shiny black card onto the blue card, leaving a small border of blue showing..   Next fix the stencilled card to the black card using black sticky foam pads to add some dimension to your card.

Add some holographic gems to the snowflakes and add some ribbon down the left-hand edge of the card, threading it under part of the stencilled, cut out design.   Add a ribbon bow.

Punch out five snowflakes from blue card and glue to the card front.

Cut out a two inch circle from white card and colour using distress ink.   Stamp the greeting in the centre and stamp the snow around the edge of the circle using the black inkpad.   Add a holographic gemstone to the stamped circle and fix the circle to the top left of the card, using sticky foam pads, again to give a little dimension to the card.  Glue three more gemstones in a group of three in the bottom left-hand corner.

Well that's it folks until we meet again, when I will have another creation for you.   Hope you enjoyed your visit to my blogg.   Take care of yourselves and have a good week.

                                                                 Love and rainbows

                                                                      Jennifer xx

Monday, 23 September 2013

Thank you rose

Hi all,

I'm back with another post.  Although this card looks as though it is black and white, it is actually black and cream which I think look good together.

I made this card way back in 2007 for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Craft's and used their beautiful shadow rose stamp, there was a large and a small image, this card is made using the large image.  I think this is a stunning stamp  but I'm not sure if it is still available.  

The base card was made from cream cardstock in a landscape style.   Onto this I matted some black card, cut slightly smaller than the cream.   I cut out two  circles  2" in diameter and glued these to the right-hand side of the card.   I then punched out two 1" black circles and glued one to the bottom cream circle and the other on the edge of the bottom circle.   I punched our two leaves from black card and glued them to the top circle.  I then did the same for the bottom circle but used cream card.

I glued a narrow strip of cream card down the right-hand side  and matted a narrower piece of black card on top of the cream

I then cut out a another cream circle and stamped the 'thank you' stamp onto it using a black inkpad.  I'm sorry I cannot remember the make of that stamp as it has been in my craft stash for some years now lol !   I matted this circle onto a slightly larger circle of gold card and put a gold brad through the centre and glued this to the long strip on the right of the card.

The shadow rose was stamped onto some black card and heat embossed using a cream embossing powder.   It was then matted onto some gold card and glued to the left-hand side of the card.

Well that is it my friends hope you like it.   If you ever have any questions about any of my creations, please feel free to ask and I will endeavor to answer your query.

Take care of yourselves until the next time and happy crafting lolls.

                                                                Love and rainbows

                                                                   Hugs Jennifer xx

Friday, 20 September 2013

Dragonfly delight

Hi  all  Jennifer here again, welcome to my blog I hope you enjoy your visit.   The weather here today has been cloudy and dull but at least it has been dry lolls !!   The sun did make an appearance at tea time so hopefully tomorrow may be a good day -  so no crafting tomorrow then !!   it will be tidying up the gardens before the bad weather arrives.  Living in the hills as we do, the weather can be very changeable but I wouldn't swap it for a town life !!  no way,  I love my peace and tranquility in the hills.

Well enough of my waffling on tonight let's get down to the business of card making,  my passion and has been for over 30 years now.   Wow ! that makes me sound so......old lolls !!  well I feel young, that's what counts.

The base card is made from silver mirror card and I have matted some light blue card onto the silver and then some lavender paper onto that.

I then took some dark blue card and put the stencil on top and spread the sparkle medium through the design on the stencil, then carefully removed the stencil and left the image to dry naturally.  

In the meantime I took a piece of white card and coloured it using blue distress ink.   I then stamped the dragonfly image onto the card using a Versamark pad and heat embossed it with silver embossing powder.   I then trimmed around the image.   The flowers and dragonflies were coloured with the mica powders mixed with water.

Stamp the image again and cut out the dragonflies,   paint them as before using the mica powders and fix them to the original image using silicone glue.   Fix the stencilled dark blue card to the lavender paper.   Glue the dragonfly image to the upper left-hand side of the base card using Magi-Glue.

Cut out and emboss the flower using the die and a die cutting machine.   Colour them with mica powder and add some blue ribbon to the flower petals.   Glue a small flower gem to the flower centre.   Glue this to the bottom right-hand corner of the card.   There you have it friends,  why don't you give it a go and make one for your best friend or your Mum !    I'm sure they would appreciate  the effort you made.   It is a very satisfying hobby.

Until next time, take care of yourselves and happy crafting.     Love and rainbows,

                                                                        Jennifer xx

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Butterfly Blues

Good evening Fellow Crafters, Friends and Visitors,

The card I am showcasing tonight was made for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Crafts and was shown on their latest QVC show on the 11th of September.

The base card was made using blue card and onto this I matted a smaller piece of white card.  I  took another smaller piece of white card and put it through an embossing machine along with the stencil and embossed the design onto the white card.   The stencil was removed and the card coloured with blue distress ink and  three gems added,  then  the sentiment was stamped  in the centre of the embossed card.   The blue ribbon was fixed to the left hand side of the card  and was secured  on the reverse.
 This was  glued  to the base card.   I  cut out and embossed the leafy swirl die cuts and glued them to the  ribbon and  added a ribbon bow.  Then I  stamped   the  large and the small butterflies using the blue inkpad,  coloured  and  cut them out,  glued one on top of the other using silicone glue and  fixed this to the base card.

That is it, finished.   Have a good week friends and many thanks for stopping by to look at my blog,  I do love to hear what you think.  I'll be back soon.

                                                              Love and rainbows,

                                                                Hugs Jennifer xx

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Balloons of blue, just for you.

Good evening fellow bloggers, friends and visitors, hope you have all had a good weekend.  Another week just beginning.  Where do all these weeks go to lol !  the older I get, the faster they seem to go lol !!

Tonight I am going to show you a card I made for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Craft's back in January 2009 -  seems so long ago now !  I just love this little boy as he reminds me of our beautiful Grandson when he was about 3 or 4.   He had a hat just like this and he looked sooooo  cute lolls.

Fold cream card in half portrait style.  Cut out two pieces of terracotta card five and a half x three and a half inches.    Fix one to the top of the card and one to the bottom, leaving narrow borders around the outside edges.

Stamp the boy four times onto white card using a dark blue inkpad.   Colour him with Promarker pens,  cut him out  and 3D him.   Cut out a piece of light green paper  and using  a dot stencil and put through an embossing machine.   Glue this to the front of the base card.   Die cut some flowers and glue to the card..

Die cut 'For you' three balloons and two unequal squares using the Cricut machine and the George and Basic cartridge.   Cut out two ovals one from terracotta card and another from patterned paper.

Glue the unequal squares in the centre of the card about half an inch in from the outer edges of the card.   Fix the ovals on top of the unequal squares using sticky foam pads.   Fix threads to the balloons and fix them to the top of the card using sticky pads.   Glue the threads to the boy's hand.

Glue the 'For You' to the bottom of the card.   Add some glitter glue to the balloons, the flower centre and also to the 'For you.'

That's it folks.   I'll be back soon.   Have a good week and thank you for stopping by to visit.

                                                                 Love and rainbows

                                                                      Jennifer xx                    

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Just to say hello.

Good evening all,

Hope everyone has had a good day despite the wet weather lol!!!   and that you managed to watch Sue from Imagination Craft's on QVC tonight,  what a fantastic show.

Tonight I am going to show you a card I made for the QVC show but  wasn't  shown.

The base card is made from white cardstock.   I then cut another piece of white card slightly smaller than the base card which I coloured with distress inks.   Lay the border stencil onto this card and spread the Seedless Preserves Distress Ink through the stencil design.   When dry, rub the Gold Shine Sparkle Medium through the stencil, on top of the design you did with the distress ink, (foiling technique.)

Stamp the  "hello" stamp in the centre of the border design using the distress ink.   Mat this onto the white base card.

Stamp the sunburst flowers onto some white card using the black Stazon Pad.   Colour them with the Victorian Velvet and the Seedless Preserves Distress Inks and cut out.

Cover one of the small flowers with the Christmas Green and Gold Shine Sparkle Mediums.   When dry, glue to the centre of the large flower,   3D the large flower and glue the flowers to the base card.   Stamp the small flourish to the left of the flowers.

That's it guys until my next blog.  Thank you so much for visiting my blog and if you are a card maker too, I hope you have found some ideas and hopefully, some inspiration.



                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                                        Jennifer xxx


Monday, 9 September 2013

Silver Beauties

Hi Folks,

Hope you all had a good weekend.  The weather is fine here today but definitely a nip in the air lol,  Autumn is just around the corner but I do love the Autumnal colours.

Today I have chosen one of the samples I have made for the Imagination Craft's QVC Show on the 11th of September at 5pm - not to be missed,   I think it will be an exciting show lolls !! can't wait.   Lots of samples, new products, new techniques and of course our lovely Sue , what more could we want girls ?

Onto a white base card matt some black card then some metallic silver paper, each time leaving a small border showing.

Cut out a piece of black card slightly smaller than the silver and stamp the flourish stamp from the butterfly stamp set, in the top right and the bottom left corners, using silver embossing powder mixed with a little glamour dust and heat emboss.

Fix a silver ribbon diagonally from the top left to the bottom right of the black card and secure on the reverse of the card.   Mat this onto the silver paper.   Make a flower from the silver ribbon and glue to the centre of
the diagonal ribbon.

Stamp two of the smaller butterflies onto white card and heat emboss with silver embossing powder with a
little glamour dust mixed in and cut out.   Glue these to the ribbon.

There we have it folks.   Hope you like it.  Thank you so much for stopping by, I do like to know what you think of my creations and I do read each and every comment.   I'll be back soon.  Don't forget to watch QVC at 5pm on the 11th Sept.              
                                                     Love and rainbows     Jennifer xx

Friday, 6 September 2013

Thank you lilies

Hi there  Fellow Crafters, Friends and Visitors,

The weather in our neck of the woods has not been good today, it has rained most of the day.  I suppose I shouldn't grumble as we have had an exceptionally good year so far lol.   At least we got our lawns cut before the rain arrived, hopefully that will be the last cut of the year.

I thought I would show you a card I made back in May 2011 for Sue and Harvey of Imagination Crafts.   I love this stamp set, the lilies are very pretty.   So here we go, this is how I made it.

I matted a piece of white card onto a black base card, leaving a border of black card showing.   I then matted a piece of black card onto that and rounded off the corners using a corner rounder punch.

I used the flourish stamp from the set and made a square shaped border using a black inkpad.   I then
overstamped the flourish with the dotted flourish stamp using a Versmark pad and heat embossed with gold embosing powder.  I added the little dots stamp in four places and glued tiny gold seed beads to a few of the dots.

I then trimmed around the stamped shape and glued it to the base card.  I added a gold circle to the centre of the card. and cut out a smaller black circle onto which I stamped the 'thank you' stamp heat embossing it with gold embossing powder.   This was then glued onto the gold circle.

The  lilies were stamped onto white card, coloured with a Promarker pen and gold seed beads added , then the lilies were glued to the bottom edge of the circle using silicone glue.

The ribbon was coloured with the Promarker pen to match the colour of the lilies.  That's it guys, hope you all have a lovely weekend.   Thanks so much for stopping by to visit my blog  I love to hear what you think of my creations and I really do appreciate your lovely comments.

Take care of yourselves.                      Hugs Jennifer xx