Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Christmas Angel MDF Bauble.

Good evening Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Thank you all for your comments and for taking the time to visit my blog.   I do hope you enjoyed your visit.   Tonight I would like to share my fourth MDF Christmas bauble, which was made for Sue & Harvey of Imagination Crafts and was shown on their latest shows on 27th & 28th. August 2016, on the Hochanda T.V. Channel.

These baubles were designed by Lisa B. especially for Imagination Crafts and are a fabulous concept, as you can mix and match them, you decide which bauble goes to the back and which one goes on the front.   A spacer bauble can go between two of them, or you  can just use one only,  or 3, the choice is yours.   I decided to use only 2 this time.    It is just like 3D decoupage, except it is with MDF and not card lol!

(1)    Paint both the star and angel baubles with the white MDF paint

(2)    Paint the large star, back and front with the rich gold Starlight paint.
(3)    Using a black ink pad, stamp the Christmas text stamp onto the front of the star.   The star bauble will go behind the angel bauble, with the stars on the right.)

(4)    Lay the angel bauble on a piece of white card and draw around the angel.  Cut this out.

(5)    Paint the head of the angel with Platinum  and the halo around the angel's head, with the rich gold
         Starlight paints.   Glue 6 small, star gems around the halo.

(6)    Using your finger, dab the 3 colours of Sparkle Medium over the angel's wings.

(7)    Glue some material to the angel's dress and secure on the back of the white card.   Glue some white
         lace around the neck and the hem of the dress.

(8)    Paint the outside of the  angel bauble with the amethyst Starlight paint, adding a touch of the
         menthol, to tone the amethyst down a little.

(9)    Glue the finished angel to the MDF angel, using Magi-bond glue, bending the wings up slightly,
         then add some silicone glue under both wings.

(10)   Paint the trailing ivy Art Cutz with the Menthol and rich gold Starlight Paints and put to one side
          for the moment.

(11)   Glue a ribbon loop to the inside back of the bauble holder, then glue the 2 baubles together, using
          a good strong glue.   I used Imaginations Magi-bond glue.  (Just a little tip I'd like to share with you,
          I  put some scrap pieces of  paper over the edges of the bauble and clamp them together using
          bulldog clips over the paper, to hold the baubles together until the glue has set.)

(12).   Glue a ribbon bow to the holder.

(13)   Glue the painted trailing ivy Art Cutz to the top left of bauble front.

Well that's it finished my friends, hope you like it.   I will be back in a couple of days with another card I made for the Hochanda T.V. show, so catch you all then.

                                                                 Love and Rainbows,

                                                        Happy crafting.   Hugs   Jennifer xx


Monday, 29 August 2016

Starlit Trees MDF Christmas Bauble.

Hi there Followers, Friends and Visitors,

I do hope you have all had a fabulous holiday weekend.   The weather today has been glorious here, in fact I sat out in the garden with a cuppa and my Craft Stamper magazines and spent a relaxing hour.

My Christmas MDF Bauble tonight has a much more modern feel to it.   My first bauble was a traditional one, using traditional colours ie; red green & gold.   My second one has a vintage feel to it.   This was shown on Imagination Craft's latest ODS shows on 27th/28th August 2016, on the Hochanda T.V. Channel.

(1)    Paint both sides and inside edges of the star bauble and the stars bauble with Lagoon MDF paint,
        including the stars and the trees.  Then coat with verdigris Rusty Patina paint.

(2)    Dab some amethyst and silver Starlight paints  around the edges of the front bauble (in this case, the stars bauble.)

(3)   Paint 5 stars with the amethyst and 3 with the silver Starlight paints (on both sides and edges.)   Dab
       some diamond Sparkle Medium on top of the paint with your finger.

(4)    Lay the star tree stencil on the trees and spread the Aqua Sea and Lavender  Sparkle Mediums over
        the stencil using a metal spatula.   As the stencil does not cover the whole of the larger tree, you will
        need to re-position the stencil to cover the bottom half of the  larger tree.   Remove the stencil and
        leave to dry.  

(5)    Colour the edges of the trees with a little amethyst Starlight paint, then with some Verdigris Rusty

(6)   Colour some narrow white ribbon with the amethyst Starlight paint.   When this is dry, (you will find
        it dries very quickly),  make 2 bows and glue to the tops of the trees.

(7)   Die-cut the 'big splash' (a Memory box die) and dab some diamond Sparkle Medium over it, using your
        finger and put aside until it is dry.

(8)    Add some glue to the base of the trees and add some cracked ice glitter.   Gently press the glitter
         into the glue and leave to dry.

(9)    Now the 'big splash' die cut is dry, glue it to the inside edge of the back bauble with the trees on,
         using Magi-bond glue.

(10)   Fix some ribbon o the bauble holder to hang it by, then glue the two MDF baubles together adding
          glue to the inside of each bauble, (the star bauble on top of the tree bauble.)

(11)   Glue a lavender organza bow to the left of the trees and glue a white button, covered with diamond
          Sparkle Medium on top of the bow.

(12)   Paint over the top of the cracked ice at the base of the trees with chalk white |MDF paint, leaving
          a small amount of the cracked ice glitter unpainted.

Another quick look at the finished bauble.   Hope you like this one.   I will be back with another Christmas
MDF bauble tomorrow.   Below is a little taster as to what it looks like.   Have a good week and I'll see you soon.

Many thanks for stopping by my blog and if you have left me a comment, thank you again, I appreciate the time you have taken to comment.  

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                              Crafty Hugs   Jennifer xx.


Sunday, 28 August 2016

Vintage Deer MDF Christmas Bauble.

Hello there,

Hope you've all enjoyed your weekend and that you managed to tune in to Imagination Craft's fabulous shows today on Hochanda T.V.   Wow I watched them all !  great demos and techniques, well done to Sue and Lisa B, and Kerri-Anne on her T.V.  debut.

Tonight I would like to share another of my MDF Christmas baubles, made for today's shows.   I have used Imagination Craft's  great new product,  Rusty Patina, which is so...popular and they keep selling out lol!   I have also used their beautiful, lush Starlight paints, the snowflake bauble and the deer bauble.

(1)    Paint both sides of the baubles with chalk white mdf paint.

(2)    Paint the snowflakes on both sides with the topaz Starlight paint.

(3)    Paint the outside edges of the baubles with the cafe creme Rusty Patina paint.

(4)    Paint the bauble holder with the Rustique Rusty Patina paint.  Paint only the sides which will be seen,
         then add some bronze Alchemy wax.

(5)    Rub some bronze alchemy was over the rough surface of the cafe creme Rusty Patina paint when it is  

(6)    Paint the deer with the rustique Patina paint and when dry, rub the bronze wax over the rough surface.            Add a touch of the antique gold Starlight paint to highlight.   Spread some antique gold and topaz
         Starlight paints onto a piece of plastic and when dry, scrape up, using a metal spatula  and glue these
         pieces to the backs of the deer, to give some dimension.

(7)    Paint four Art Cutz snowflakes with the antique gold Starlight paint. 

(8)    Glue the snowflakes onto the mdf snowflakes and add some platinum Starlight paint in the small holes
         of the art Cutz snowflakes.    (Don't worry if you get a little platinum paint on the gold snowflakes,
         as you can just paint gold paint over the platinum and it won't be seen.)

(9)    Add some Magi-bond glue to the snow below the feet of the deer and add some cracked ice glitter. 
        Do the same on the other side of the bauble, (I know it is not necessary but I do like things to look neat
        on the reverse too lol!)

(10)  Paint an mdf star with the platinum Starlight paint and glue to the top right.

(11)   Glue a ribbon bow to the right hand side of the bauble . 


(12)   Make a loop from ribbon and glue to the inside top of the bauble, then add a bow to the top.

(13)   Finally, glue the back to the front with a good strong glue, such as Imagination's Magi-bond glue.

That's this bauble finished, hope you like it.   Thanks so much for visiting my blog, I will be back soon with
another of my MDF baubles, so see you then.   Below is a peek at my next bauble.   See you soon.

                                                                Love and Rainbows,

                                                            Crafty Hugs    Jennifer xx.


Saturday, 27 August 2016

Merry Christmas MDF Bauble, a Sneaky Peek.'

Happy Saturday Everyone,

Hope your weekend is going well so far.  Tonight my 'sneaky peek' is an MDF Christmas bauble.   These are just brilliant as they have been designed so you can mix & match them and are so pretty when decorated.
They can be decorated with Starlight paints, Sparkle Medium, MDF paints, the new Rusty Patina paints and many more products.   I have used the Merry Christmas bauble and a filler bauble (which is a completely open bauble shape).   I have also used Imagination Craft's Art Cutz.

(1)    Paint all the MDF bauble with the chalk white MDF paint.

(2)    Paint the outer front circle with the green Starlight paint.

(3)    Paint the 'MERRY CHRISTMAS' with all three Starlight paints, blending one colour into another.

(4)    Paint three pieces of the 'Lace' Art Cutz with the Antique gold Starlight paint.   Cut away part of the
         design on two of the pieces and glue to the inside front circle, one on the left and the other on the

(5)    Glue some red satin ribbon across the top and bottom of the MERRY CHRISTMAS, fixing to
         the inside of the front circle with a good strong glue, I used Imagination's Magi-bond glue.

(6)    Glue the third piece of the lace Art Cutz (left whole) onto the bottom of the front circle and the widest
         part of the gold lace to the bottom of the ribbon, under the word MERRY CHRISTMAS.

(7)    Paint three Art Cutz baubles using the red, green and gold \starlight paints.   Fix some gold thread to
         each one and glue the tops of the threads  to the inside top of the front circle.

(8)    Glue a red ribbon loop to the inside top of the bauble.

(9)    Glue one set of three flowers, cut from the gold lace Art Cutz earlier  and glue  to the top front of the
         large bauble.   Glue a  red ribbon bow to the top of the large bauble.

(10)    All that remains to be done is to glue the large outer circle to the back circle and your hanging
          Christmas decoration is finished.

That's all from me tonight my Friends.   Please pop back again soon, when I will have another Christmas  bauble decoration to share with you.   Please  do not forget to tune in to Imagination Craft's shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel tomorrow (Sunday 28th. August 2016 at   9am.  12pm.  4pm. and 7pm.)    Catch you all soon.    Here is a 'sneaky peek at tomorrow's MDF bauble.

                                                           Love and Rainbows,

                                                        Crafty Hugs   Jennifer xx.

Friday, 26 August 2016

Rusty Patina Christmas Card - A 'Sneaky Peek.'

Hello there,

Here we are again, how did we arrive at the weekend so soon ?  it  doesn't seem like 5 minutes since last weekend lol!   I have another sneaky peek for you.   I know Imagination Craft's last show on Hochanda T.V. sold out within minutes of  the fabulous new product Rusty Patina!  as  they were so popular.  I do hope you can tune in tomorrow 27th August 2016 at 8pm.    then again on Sunday 28th. August at 9am. 12pm. 4pm. and again at 7pm. (if there is anything left to sell lol!!)    My card tonight is made using this great product, along with Alchemy waxes and an MDF Christmas tree.

(1)    Take a piece of watercolour paper and paint it with the Rustique and  Verdigris Rusty Patina paints.

(2)    When dry, put this into an embossing folder and emboss,  I used  a Cuttlebug snowflakes folder I have 
         had in my crafty stash for some time but any snowflake folder or stencil will be fine.

(3)    Rub some bronze and a little Inca gold Alchemy Wax over the raised areas.

(4)    Tear around the edges of this paper, then matt onto some bronze metallic paper.

(5)    Make a slightly larger matt from white card and paint the edges only with the Verdigris Rusty Patina.

(6)    Matt this onto the white base card, leaving a decent border of the white card showing.

(7)    Colour another piece of white card with the Rustique and Verdigris patinas and when dry, die-cut a set
         of flowers using the Marianne Design dies.   Next, put these into and embossing folder and deboss,
         (any folder with an all over pattern will do just fine).

(8)    Rub over the flower surfaces  with some bronze wax, adding a touch of the Inca gold, then 3D the
         flowers on top of each other, using Magi-bond glue.

(9)    Die-cut 2 pine branches and paint with the Rusty Patinas.   Add a touch of bronze and gold    Alchemy          waxes, then glue these to the top right corner.    Next glue a bronze coloured ribbon bow on top of the
         pine branches.   Glue the flower next to the ribbon bow.

(10)  Take the small MDF Christmas tree and lay it onto a piece of white card, then draw around the tree
         outline, using a pencil.   Cut this out and put into the snowflake embossing folder as you did for the
         main image and emboss.  

(11)  Glue this to one side of the MDF tree, using Magi-bond glue.   Paint this with the Rusty Patina paints.
         Again, rub over the raised surface with both the waxes.

(12)   Glue the tree to the left side of the base card and add some drops of Gold Gilt Detail Sparkle to
          the tree and to the flower centre.

Well that's it finished, I do hope you like it.   These Rusty Patina paints are just so different and give a great effect and you can actually smell the rust in the paint lol!!   They are going to be on Imagination's next One Day Special shows, so order them before they sell out again lol!    There will be some great demos and some not to be missed bargains I understand, so don't miss out on these.
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog, hope you've enjoyed your visit.   I will be back tomorrow with another sneaky peek and this time it is a new MDF product, which I'm sure you will love as I do.   Once decorated they will make great Christmas presents.   See you tomorrow I hope.  Take care.

 P.S.   here's a sneaky peek at my project I will be sharing with you  tomorrow.

                                                                Love and rainbows.

                                                              Crafty Hugs   Jennifer xx.



Thursday, 25 August 2016

'Let it Snow' a 'Sneaky Peek.'

Hi there, hope you are all well and haven't suffered too much with the weather.   We have been very lucky here, although we had some rain earlier, it has been mainly dry and quite overcast,  so we can't grumble.  

My samples for  Imagination Craft's ODS shows on Hochanda TV  on the 27th. and 28th. August 2016 have been made, posted and received by Sue, phew!  always a worry in case they don't reach her in time lol!

My card tonight has been made using Imagination's snowflakes Art Cutz set.   I do love these as they make a very quick card and not only that, they look good, especially when painted with Starlight paints or covered with Sparkle Medium.

Take a piece of watercolour paper and brush with clear water.   Add some light blue and green Mixed Media Spray Inks and leave to dry, or if you are impatient like me lol!  use your heat gun.

Lay the snowflakes stencil on top and using a piece of cut n' dry foam, dab some silver Starlight paint over the snowflakes.   Remove the stencil.

Stamp a few small snowflakes onto this coloured paper, using a black ink pad .   The snowflakes are from Imagination's  'Snowman' decoupage stamp set.

Matt this onto a piece of purple card, leaving a half inch border all around.

                    Stamp 'Let it Snow' in the top right corner of the base card using a black ink pad.

Stamp the swirls in the top left and bottom right corners of the white base card, again,  using a black ink pad.

Paint two larger Art Cutz snowflakes with silver Starlight paint, then paint one medium and two small snowflakes with the Amethyst Starlight paint.  

Glue the large snowflake in the top right corner of the coloured paper  and   glue the other silver snowflake in the bottom left corner.

Glue the two small and one medium amethyst snowflakes in positions that  you think look good.

Add three dots of Jade Detail Sparkle to the bottom left of the white base card.      The card is now finished, unfortunately the sheen from the silver snowflakes on the background does not show up very well.

Thanks for visiting my blog,   hope you may have found some inspiration for your card making.    I will be back soon with another 'sneaky peek'   so I'll see you then.

                                                                     Love and rainbows,  

                                                                       Hugs   Jennifer xx.