Monday, 19 August 2013

Garden Seat

Hi there everyone, Jennifer here, 

I hope you are all having a good week and managing to fit in some special crafting time !

Today I'm going to share one of the Imagination Craft's MDF Charm Kits I made, which was shown on the last QVC Show in July.

I started by painting the back and the front of the board with mica powders mixed with Magi-Blend Solution.   Cover the front with the brocade stencil and spread the three sparkle mediums over the it.   Make two flowers from white card covered with sparkle medium.   Make two leaves from white card covered with the Jade Sea sparkle medium.  Glue to the top right.

Cover a square frame with sparkle medium.   Put the garden chair stencil onto some white card and spread sparkle medium over it.   When dry, cut out the seat leaving a tiny border of white card showing.   Add some gold card to the aperture, then glue the green die-cut trellis over the aperture.   Glue the square frame on top of the trellis and glue the cut out chair to the bottom left of the MDF board.  That's the front finished.

Now for the back of the MDF board.   Lay the garden chair stencil onto the back of the board and spread Jade sparkle medium over the leaves only.   Add some purple velvet detail sparkle to the leaves to look like flowers.   Add some gold card to the aperture and the trellis die-cut as you did for the front.  Then glue another square frame on top of the trellis.   Punch out a tiny butterfly from left over card which has sparkle medium on it and glue to the left hand side of the board.   Stencil another garden chair as before, cut out and glue to the left of the aperture. 

Well that's it Friends,
 until next time.      
 Hugs Jennifer xx


  1. This is fabulous Jennifer, I love the stencil and the beautiful colours.

    Linda xxxx

    1. Thank you so.....much I'm pleased you like it :)
      My very first comment on my blog lol !!! so exciting ! thank you for your help. Hugs xx Jennifer.

  2. Gorgeous make, love the colours
    Lindsay xx

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment Lindsay. There are so many beautiful colours in the mica powders and they leave a lovely silky sheen. Hugs xx

  3. Welcome to blog land Jennifer xx a stunning project as always xx glad we now have somewhere else to see your work xx

    1. Hi Kath thank you for your lovely welcome and your nice comment. It is so nice to have somewhere I can share my crafy creations with other like-minded friends. Hugs xx

  4. hi Jennifer - welcome to blogland - its fun out here! Love your piece - wonderful work! Looking forward to seeing all that you create! Hugs rachel xx

  5. Hi Rachel thank you for your welcome to blogland. It sounds like fun I have to say lol ! but I'm still trying to find my way around the blog lols I'll get there eventually. I hope my creations live up to your expectations lol. Thanks again Hugs Jennifer xx

  6. Hi Jennifer, nice to see you in blogland. A beautiful project. Love all the colours in the background and of course, the sparkle.

  7. Hi there Mags, thank you for your nice welcome to blogland, I'm looking forward to keeping up my blog - all very exciting
    and it is nice to have such lovely followers, I'm very grateful
    for everyone's friendship, thanks a lot. Hugs Jennifer xx