Saturday, 26 September 2015

Chequered Roses.

Good evening Peeps,

The card I have for you tonight has not been shown on my blog before.   I did share a very similar card some time ago, which used one of Imagination Craft's patterned background cards.   The background on this card was made by myself, using  Imagination Craft's Silkies, gorgeous paints which leave a beautiful, subtle, silky sheen.

Make a base card from black card stock.   Take a piece of white card, slightly smaller than the black and put through an embossing machine, along with the Cosmic Swirls stencil and emboss.    Colour this with distress inks and glue to the base card.   The border around the edge of this card was drawn free hand, using  a fine black pen.  

Take an oblong piece of white coated card, large enough for the rose stencil to fit, then colour with the Silkies paints.  

When dry, lay the stencil on top and draw around the design with a black pen.   Leave to dry.  ( The ink smudges very easily on this coated card, so it takes quite a while to dry.   I work with a piece of paper 
under my hand and worked down from the top.)

Add patterns of your choice to the roses and stems, using a black pen.   Then add some white highlights, using a white pen.

Using a black pen, draw a hillside with fields in the distance and add your patterns to them.    Matt this onto a slightly larger piece of white card, then onto a larger piece of black.   Matt this onto the embossed card.

Well that's this card finished.   I really did enjoy making this card.   Doodling is very relaxing and gives quite an interesting effect,  another way to use a stencil.

Have a lovely restful Sunday and I'll be back soon.

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                                Big Hugs   Jennifer xx.  


  1. Replies
    1. Many thanks for your nice comment Doreen
      Hugs Jennifer xx

  2. Love this very much Jennifer, great idea and the roses really POP!
    Linda xxx

    1. S.o pleased you think so Linda, thank you so much.
      Hugs Jennifer xx

  3. what a lovely idea jennifer - this is lovely! Hugs rachel x

    1. Hi there Rachel, thank you so much for your lovely comment.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.