Thursday, 17 March 2016


Hi there Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Hope you're all looking forward to the weekend.   What a super day it has been here today, clear blue skies and beautiful sunshine.   There is definitely some heat in the sun now, sat outside with a cuppa this afternoon.   Tonight's card was made for Sue & Harvey of Imagination Craft's for one of their shows on the Hochanda TV Channel last December.

Working on an 8"x8" white scalloped card,, matt a slightly smaller square of lavender card onto the base card, leaving a border of the white showing.   Next matt a smaller  piece of orange card onto the lavender.

Take a piece of green card  ad lay the  'Steam Alphabet' stencil onto it and spread the three Sparkle Mediums  - Bright copper, Lavender and Periwinkle, over the design, using the metal spatula.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.   When dry, matt this onto the base card.

Take the MDF 'H' &  'I' letters and paint with the  Orange oxidation Starlight paint.   Draw around the letters H & I onto a piece of white card and make the letters slightly larger than the MDF letters.   Glue the MDF letters to the  white card letters. 

Add dots of the orange oxidation Starlight paints around each letter.   Add dots of dark orchid Starlight paint to each MDF letter.   Lastly, glue the MDF letters to the card front.

That's it folks, card finished, a very easy,  quick card to make.   Many thanks for stopping by my blog.   See you all again soon and in the meanwhile, have a great weekend, hope the sun shines on you all.

                                                                  Love and rainbows,

                                                                    Hugs    Jennifer xx.


  1. Quick and effective, would make a great male card. Love the colours you've chosen. Been beautiful in Derbyshire too xxx

    1. Hi Tracey, pleased you like it. Thanks for stopping by. Glad to hear that you've had a good day too.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.

  2. Very effective! Love the colours. Yes it was warm here to yesterday and sat outside myself having a cuppa with Kath.
    Linda xxx

    1. Thanks for leaving me a comment Linda. Hope you enjoyed your cuppa with Kath.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.