Thursday, 24 November 2016

Happiness is Found in a Butterfly. Another 'Sneaky Peek.'

Good evening Everyone,

 What a cold day it has been here! what snow is left on the ground,  has been crunchy under foot all day.   I just couldn't seem to get warm today!   although the sun did appear it was still bitterly cold, roll on the Spring is all I can say lol!!

I would like to welcome my newest Follower Darlene Solem, thank you so much for following me, I do hope you enjoy your visits and please feel free to leave me a comment good or bad lol!

I hope you managed to tune in to Hochanda T.V. tonight at 8pm. to see our lovely Sue and Kerri-Ann from Imagination Crafts demonstrating the fabulous new colours of Sparkle Medium.   My favourites are the Iced Plum, Blackcurrant, Blue Lagoon and Crushed Bilberry, they are just fabulous.   The card I am about to show you was shown on tonight's programme.

I have used the Iced Plum, Blue Lagoon and Silver Dollar Sparkle Mediums, Mixed Media Spray inks and Rich Gold Starlight paint.

The above photo is taken at an angle to show the beautiful golden sheen of the Starlight paint on the background.

This photo is also taken on an angle  and  shows the background colours behind the golden sheen.   Fold the ivory card down the centre crease line, making a 7"x7" base card on which to work.   Matt a smaller piece of dark pink paper onto the base card, leaving a border of the ivory showing.

Next matt some ivory card onto the pink paper, again leaving a border of pink showing.    Cut a smaller piece of white watercolour paper and colour with the Fuschia, Yellow and Light purple Mixed Media Spray Inks.   When this is dry, add a well watered down layer of Rich gold Starlight paint to give a subtle sheen over the inks but which still keeps the ink colours visible.

When this is dry, lay the butterfly stencil on top and spread the Sparkle Mediums over the design, beginning at the bottom with the Silver dollar, then the Iced plum and lastly, the Blue lagoon, using a metal spatula.   The colours will blend together giving a seamless finish. 

Remove the masking tape and the stencil and leave the image to dry.

This photo shows the design with the sheen and the photo below shows the card at an angle, to show the colours behind the sheen. 


Matt this onto the base card.   Stamp 'Happiness is found in a butterfly' onto a piece of ivory card, using the Amethyst Starlight paint.   (One little tip lol - lighlty spray your stamp with water using  a mister, then add the Starlight paint, using a piece of cut 'n' dry foam.)

Trim around the stamped  sentiment in a 'wavy' shape.   Matt this onto some pink paper  and trim in the same manner, keeping a small pink border, then matt this onto a slightly larger piece of ivory card, again trimming the edge.

     Glue the sentiment to the bottom right corner of the base card.   Glue a gemstone to the top right of the sentiment.     Well that's all from me for now,  I will be back again tomorrow with another sneaky peek.   Please don't forget to tune in tomorrow to Hochanda T.V. at 9am.  12 noon. 4pm. anf 7pm.   Thanks for taking the time to read my rather long blog tonight  lol,    nuch appreciated.   See you again tomorrow.

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                                   Hugs   Jennifer xx.


  1. Stunning card Jennifer, beautiful colours and design. Watching Sue as I'm typing this, and drooling over the new colours.
    Your cards look wonderful on the set, Kate x

    1. Hi Kate many thanks, I did say you would not be able to resist the new colours, they are so different to the others! Hope you enjoyed the shows.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.

  2. Gorgeous card and loving the rich vibrant colours. Enjoy your weekend.
    Linda xxx

    1. Thank you so much Linda and I hope you have a great weekend too.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.