Thursday, 9 February 2017

'A Mother's Love,' MDF Box.

Good afternoon All,  I have a little time before our Grandson arrives back from school, so I thought I would write my blog now.   Hope you all watched Imagination Craft's shows on Hochanda T.V. yesterday.   I managed to watch a couple of shows but we had to go out, missing the others.   Hope you enjoyed them and managed to order some crafty goodies before they sold out.

Today I would like to share my elephant MDF Box which was shown on Hochanda and which our lovely Sue demonstrated  on  last  night's show at 7pm.   This was a really enjoyable project and I chose the colours I did as they came to mind immediately I clapped  eyes on this  stunning elephant and baby stencil!    just how beautiful is this stencil !  I adore it.      Well let's get started on this project.

(1)   Paint the MDF box with chalk white MDF paint, inside and out.   This is probably not necessary but I prefer to do this as I think this helps  to show the true colour of the Starlight paints.

(2)   Next paint it with the three colours of Starlight paint, using a brush or a brayer if you have one.

(3)   Using the black ink pad, stamp the border stamp (which  was given free with a craft magazine some months ago)   around the bottom of the box, around the sides,  around the sides of the lid and at the top and bottom of the lid


(4)   Lay the stencil on top of the lid and spread the soot Rusty Patina through the stencil design, using a metal spatula.   Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.

(5)   Using the stencil again,  spread the Rusty Patina over the  baby elephant.   Repeat this again, until you have two baby elephants on each of the four sides of the box.   You will have to wait until each side is dry, before starting the next, as you may catch and spoil the elephants whilst still wet.   - I know this from personal experience lol!!  best to be patient lol!

(6)   When all the babies are dry, rub the  Apple green, White gold & Antique pink Starlight waxes over the top surface of the elephants gently and lightly with your finger.

(7)   Using an emery board or similar,  'rough up' the surface of the box, so the box looks old, especially over the stamped borders.

Well, there we have it, I really enjoyed decorating this box and I hope you get as much pleasure from seeing it, as I did making it.   Have a good weekend and I will be back soon with another card to share with you.

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                                  Hugs   Jennifer xx.


  1. So beautiful Jennifer, colours and stamping are brilliant, it's such a lovely stencil, could be one for the wish list. Haven watched the 7 pm show yet, that pleasure to come,Kate x

    1. Thank you so much Kate, so pleased you like it.
      Hugsa Jennifer xx.

  2. This is gorgeous Jennifer, the elephants really pop against the background.
    Linda xxx

    1. Hi there Linda, many thanks for your nice comment.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.

  3. Oh my goodness, this is fabulous, the texture on the elephants is fantastic 😃

    1. Evening Tracey, thank you for your kind words, so pleased you like it.
      hugs Jennifer xx.