Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Beautiful Butterflies.

Good evening Crafty Friends, Followers and Visitors,

How are you all?  good I hope and your week is going well  so far.     I would just like to say welcome to my new follower, Fiona and to all my older followers thank you for visiting my blog and for all your lovely comments, they really mean a great deal to me, thank you.

The card I would like to share tonight, I made in Dec 2012 for the QVC show in January 2012.  It is made using Imagination Craft's beautiful Butterfly and the Gerbera Stencils and of course my favourite product - Sparkle Medium lols!!   Well let's begin shall we?

Make a base card from lemon card.   Matt the lilac shiny card onto this leaving a narrow border showing.   Take a piece of the butterfly background card and lay the butterfly stencil onto it and spread the Sparkle Mediums over it using the spatula.   When dry, matt this onto the lilac card.

Lay the butterfly stencil onto some acetate and spread the Sparkle Medium over it.   Remove stencil, leave image to dry.   When dry,  cut the butterflies out and fix to the butterfly images on the base card, glueing down the centre of the butterflies.   Bend up the wings slightly.

Lay the Gerbera Stencil over some white card and spread the Amethyst Sparkle Medium over the flower heads and Hunter Green over the leaves and the stems.   Remove the stencil and leave image to dry.   When dry, carefully cut out the Gerberas and glue one to the bottom left and the other to the top right.

Cut out the corner die using a die cutting machine and some amethyst coloured card.   Cut the die cut in half and add one scroll to each gerbera.

Punch out fifteen tiny circles from amethyst card and glue in groups of three to the card front.   Cut out a small square of lemon card and cut in half diagonally.   Cut a slight curve in each and glue one to the top left and another to the bottom right corners.   Cut out two squares left over after punching out the small circles and glue one to each of the pieces of lemon card you have glued to the corners.   Well, that is it finished.   Hope you like this one.

Have a good week and until my next blog, take care.

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                                   Hugs  Jennifer xx


  1. this is just fabulous Jennifer - I love those butterflies - they look so pretty - fabulous work xx

    1. Hi Rachel, thank you very much. These are my most favourite colours to work with. Hugs Jennifer xx

  2. Stunning Jennifer, I do love butterflies and of course the purple too!

    Linda xxx

    Have a wonderful weekend. xxx

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for your lovely comment, most people like butterflies I think, they are so...pretty. Hope you have a nice weekend too!!! Hugs Jennifer xx

  3. What fabby colours xx looks great :) x

    1. Hi Kath, thank you. Have a good weekend. Hugs Jennifer xx

  4. This is lovely Jennifer. Great idea and use of the stencils to sparkle medium the flowers on white card and then cut out. You can then position them anywhere you want. Will certainly be storing this tip away.

    1. Hi Mags, Thank you for your lovely comment. Pleased you like my little tip lol. Hugs Jennifer xx