Saturday, 28 May 2016

'Oh I Do Like to be Beside the Sea' Canvas. A sneaky Peek.

Hello there Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Tonight, as promised here is another 'sneaky peek' at one of my canvases, which I have made for Imagination Craft's shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel this weekend    Having only made two canvases in total, I am now completely  addicted to decorating them, they are such fun to do.   I do hope you like this one.   There are quite a number of photographs, so bear with me lol!

The weather  has been really quite warm and sunny here today, which brings me to the subject of my canvas, 'by the sea,'  which makes one think of  sun sea and  Summer holidays !   ah! bliss lol!

(1)   Canvas painted with white Gesso, not actually necessary but I do like to give is a base coat.
(2)    Sprayed with yellow Mixed Media Ink.
(3)    Broken circles stencil laid on top right and bottom left and white Stencil Medium, mixed with
         a little Agean Starlight paint and spread through the design on the stencil, using a metal spatula.

(4)   When dry, lay the small yacht from the 'Beach Huts' stencil in the centre of each broken circle and 
        colour through the design with a blue ink ad and a piece of cut n ' dry foam.

(5)   Glue the deckchairs and lighthouse from the rice paper to the top left and bottom right of the canvas, us
        using the Magi-bond Decoupage glue.

(6)  Paint two pieces of driftwood with the Topaz Starlight paint and glue one to the top right and the
       other to the bottom left.

(7)  Stamp, colour and cut out an ice cream cone and glue to the piece of wood on the top right.

(8)  Stamp, colour and cut out a ship's wheel and glue to the wood at the bottom left.
(9)  Stamp a small seahorse and colour with the cobalt Alchemy wax, cut out and glue to the bottom right.

(10) Stamp the 'Beach Huts' stamp onto some white card using the Icicle pigment pad and heat emboss with
        satin pearl embossing powder   Tear the 'By The Sea' text from the rice paper and glue to the top of the
        beach hut image, using the decoupage glue.

(11) Stamp a seagull with black ink onto white card, cut out and glue to the image.   Matt the beach huts
        image onto a piece of jade card and glue at an angle to the canvas.

(12) Colour some pieces of card with the cobal, jade French lavender and Inca gold Alchemy Waxes,
        then stamp the shell onto them.   Cut out and glue to the bottom left of the image, using silicone
        glue, to add some dimension to your canvas.

(13) Rub some Jade and Cobalt blue waxes around the edges of the canvas and your canvas is
        finished.     See you all again very soon.   Please don't forget to tune into Hochanda T.V.
        On Sunday evening at 8pm. 

                                                                   Love and rainbows,

                                                                     Hugs   Jennifer xx.



  1. Replies
    1. Hi Julie, many thanks, glad you like it.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.

  2. WOW, Jennifer it's a fabulous canvas, I love all the beach and sea elements and what wonderful colours. You are definately on a roll with the canvases now, just brilliant, Kate x

    1. You are very kind Kate, thank you so much.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.

  3. Fabulous canvas, love the theme and beautiful colours.
    Linda xxxx

    1. Hi there Linda, thank you very much, appreciate your comment.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.