Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Lucky Black Cat

Hello  Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Another beautiful day here again, warm and sunny.   Managed to get two lawns cut today and spent the afternoon in my craft room working on some new samples for Imagination Craft's next shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel, later this month.   Tonight I felt it was time to share another of my tags made for Imagination Crafts.   This one is for all my lovely friends who love their little fur balls,   I myself do not have a cat but I know lots of you do.   Hope you like it.   The tag and background look blue but they are in fact white, not sure why this is,   I'm not the best photographer lol!!

Cut a large tag from white card and trim with a trimmer, using a scalloped blade.   Colour the edges with a black ink pad.   Put this to one side for the moment.

Cut out a smaller tag shape from white card  but this time, with a straight cut edges.   Lay the 'arch of flowers' stencil on the smaller tag and spread some silver Sparkle Medium over the design, using the metal spatula.      Remove the stencil and leave the image to dry.

Lay one of the 'three cats' stencil onto a spare piece of white card and rub some black ink through the design, using a piece of cut 'n' dry foam.   When the ink is dry, trim around the cat, leaving a tiny border of white around the image.  

Draw a plank of wood onto a piece of white card, using a black pen.   Cut out and glue onto the smaller tag, at an angle, on the right-hand side.   Fix the cat  on the plank using sticky foam pads.

Stamp the sentiment in the bottom left corner, using a black ink pad.   Fix the smaller tag to the larger  tag.

 Punch a hole in the top, then thread some red satin ribbon through the hole.

Glue a small piece of narrow red velvet cord to the cat's neck, then glue a red lace flower to the right of the cat's collar.  

Lastly, glue a silver glitter button to the bottom left corner  and make a stand so it can be stood up if wished.

Well that's all folks, enjoy the next few days and I will be back soon with another project.

                                                               Love and rainbows,

                                                                Hugs   Jennifer xx.


  1. Gorgeous Jennifer and yes I love it. I love my little fluffy and will be getting another kitten when I get back from America at the end of June. Thank you too!
    Linda xxx

    1. Thanks a lot Linda, thought you might like this one lol!
      Hugs Jennifer xx.