Thursday, 4 May 2017

Pink MDF Dubadoo Clock.

Hello there  Everyone,

Hope you have all been enjoying the same fabulous weather that we have had today.   Wall to wall sunshine and blue skies, I do hope so.   A little warm weather makes such a difference to the trees and plants.   Suddenly the buds on the trees have all just suddenly opened up.

Tonight I would like to share my Dubadoo MDF clock with you.   I  didn't want it to be too fussy, so I have not added too many embellishments.    These MDF clocks are such fun to decorate,   they can be decorated with embellishments you have in your crafty stash,    Imagination Craft's beautiful rice papers,   pretty flowers, butterflies or even steampunk, just let your imagination run riot lol!    I chose to use  flowers and butterflies on mine, as I do like pretty things.

(1 )    MDF clock painted with the clover MDF paint.

(2)     The pattern around the front rim of the clock was done by laying the gear stencil onto the rim
          and spreading some white stencil Medium through the design, using a metal spatula, stencil
          removed and the images  left to dry.

(3 )    The sticky backed clock face which is supplied with the clock kit, is stuck in position on the
          inside of the clock back.   The easiest way to do this is to lay the front rim of the clock onto the
          base, then place the clock face in the centre and smooth down.   Next the outer rim was glued
          onto the front of the clock, using Imagination  Craft's magi-bond glue.

(4 )    Press the feet of the clock into the slots on the base, so easy to do.

(5 )    Paint the alarm bells on the top of the clock with White Gold Starlight paint


(6 )    Flowers glued in position, top left and bottom right.   A large leaf from my stash was painted
          with  White  Gold Starlight paint


(7 )    The butterflies were cut out from a sheet of rice paper, then glued onto some white card, using              Imagination Craft's decoupage glue.    When they were dry, I trimmed them, leaving a tiny
           border of the white card showing.

(8 )    One butterfly was glued to the top right of the clock rim and the other was glued to the
          top left.

(9 )    The clock mechanism was then fitted.   This is also very easy to do, full instructions come
          with the kit.

(10)   All that remained to be done was to add a battery and enjoy your beautiful new clock.  


The clock is now finished,   The clock hands in the kit may not be like these particular ones, as I had no hands or mechanism, I had to use my own from a sweet little clock which was made for me  by my good  friend, the lovely Karen Clare.   Needless to say they are back on my beautiful little clock which sits in my craft room, to remind me of the time, as I do get carried away when crafting lol!

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and leaving me such lovely comments, they are much appreciated.      Hope you all enjoy the coming weekend.   I will be back again soon.   Happy crafting.

                                                              Love  and rainbows,

                                                                Hugs   Jennifer xx.



  1. This is so pretty Jennifer, I love the pastel shades and blooms, would grace any dresser or mantlepiece, have a lovely day Kate x

    1. Thank you very much Kate, so pleased you like it.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.

  2. This is beautiful Jennifer, love the soft colour palette and wonderful embellishments.
    Linda xxx

    1. Hi there Linda, thank you for your lovely comment, much appreciated.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.