Thursday, 7 May 2015

Fairy Moon.

Good evening Friends, Followers and Visitors,

Hope you're having a good week,  the weekend is nearly upon us and the weather forecast sounds good for a change lol!    Sorry I'm a day late in writing this post but I was pinning some photos on to Pinterest.   Spent a little time finding my way around the site,   but I'm pleased to say I did manage, thanks to  a lovely friend  who explained what to do.  

Tonight's card has one of my favourite subjects,  fairies and pixies!   I just love anything to do with them, so this Imagination Craft's  'Fairy Moon' stencil is right up my street as the saying goes.   Right we'll get started shall we?

Make a base card from white card and matt the 'Summer Script' patterned card onto the base card.   Next, matt a slightly smaller piece of blue card onto the patterned card, leaving a small border showing.  

Glue a panel of black card approximately 3 inches x 5 inches down the left-hand side of the blue card. Take  the patterned card and cover with Versamark, then brush with the pearl mica powder..       Brush off the excess.

Lay the stencil on top,  and spread the black stars Sparkle Medium over it, using the metal spatula.   Add touches of silver Sparkle Medium in places.   Remove stencil and leave the image to dry.   When dry, cut her feet out by hand then, using a circle die, die-cut a circle, making sure the design is in the centre and that her feet will not get cut off, by lifting them on top of the die, before putting into the machine.     Glue this circle to the centre of the base card.



Die-cut one lilac flower, 2 smaller black flowers and one black stamen.   Matt the black flower onto the lilac and glue the stamen in the centre and glue to the bottom left of the circle.

                                          Fix the other black flower to the top right of the circle.

Glue the flower ribbon down the left-hand side of the card.   Cut 2 small flowers from the spare ribbon.   Glue one flower to the centre of the top flower.

                                                    Glue the second flower to the fair's hair.

That's that lol!  card finished, hope you like it.     Thank you for taking the time  to visit my blog, I do hope you have enjoyed your visit and thank you for your support and encouragement, I really appreciate it.   See you all again in a few days time.   Take care of yourselves and have a great weekend.

                                                                Love and Rainbows,

                                                                  Hugs    Jennifer xx.





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    1. Hi there Lea, thank you for your nice comment, appreciate your visit.
      Hugs Jennifer xx

  2. Another beautiful card Jennifer.
    Linda xxx

    1. Hello Linda, many thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a lovely comment.
      Hugs Jennifer xx

  3. Gorgoeus Jennifer and loving all the lovely sparkle x the fairy looks very pensive wonder what it is that she is thinking about hugs Judith xxx

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment Judith. I just love this fairy! she's so pretty. I wonder too lol!
      Big hugs to you. Jennifer xx.