Monday, 20 July 2015

Let It Snow MDF Santa Sleigh, a' Sneaky Peek.'

Good evening Lovelies,

The weather has been damp and drizzly here today, where has the sun gone !   Well tonight I have something for those of you who love Christmas lol!   an MDF Santa Sleigh kit.   This is a fabulous MDF kit which just slots together so easily  no glue needed..   I decorated this for Imagination Craft's  next show on Create & Craft T.V. this coming Friday.   This would make a great Christmas table decoration.   Please bear with me as there are quite a few photographs.

                                                Paint all parts of the sleigh with Black Gesso.

 Using the Seasons Greetings stencil, spread silver Sparkle Medium over the words 'Let it Snow,' onto each side of the sleigh.

                                                  Remove stencil and leave the image to dry.

Using the Snowflake Flurry Border stencil, lay it on the sides of the sleigh, ( having masked off the 'Let it Snow' words)   and spread the silver Sparkle Medium over the design on the stencil.

Make various sized boxes, square, oblong, round, large and small, from Christmas papers.   Make some roses, painted with Starlight paints and add as decorations on top of the boxes.

Fix the kit together, making  up the sleigh.    Glue the boxes inside the sleigh.


Using the Fir Tree stencil,  dab Menthol  Starlight paint through the stencil and when dry, paint the tree all over, on the back too.   When dry, lay the stencil back on the tree and add small amounts of the Golden Green Sparkle Medium.   Remove stencil and  leave the image to dry.   Repeat this a further three times, so you have four trees.

                                                                  Cut out the trees.

Glue them inside  the sleigh.     Take two Art Cutz Holly Leaves and cover them with Silver Sparkle Medium.   Paint over the silver berries the berries with the  Red  and Orange Oxide Starlight paints..

                                                Glue a holly branch to each side of the sleigh.

Die-cut two poinsettias using the Marianne Design die, from red Christmas paper and colour the edges with Seedless Preserves Distress ink.   Die-cut two stamen for each poinsettia and colour one with the distress ink and the other with Silver Sparkle Medium.   Glue a flower on each side of the sleigh on top of the  holly.

Well that's the sleigh finished, I do hope you like it.   I'll be back again  tomorrow night with another Santa Sleigh, I do hope you will pop back.     See you then.

                                                              Love and rainbows,

                                                                Hugs   Jennifer xx.





  1. Oh wow Jennifer I just love what you've done with this 😃 it still makes me giddy when I see stuff I've designed 😃 xxx

    1. Hi Kath, thanks for dropping by and thanks for your nice comment. These sleighs are such a beautiful design. Really enjoyed decorating them. Well done you, beautiful design Hun.
      Hugs Jennifer xx

  2. A really fabulous project. Hope to be watching on Friday xx

    1. Evening Jane, thanks for your lovely comment, so pleased you think so. I do hope you will be watching on Friday, I certainly will, I don't think we'll be disappointed somehow lol!
      Hugs Jennifer xx

  3. Fabulous project and lovely to see Kath's design made up! Loving the cute boxes too.
    Linda xxx

    1. Hi Linda, thanks for your lovely comment. Kath's design is just fab, they are great to decorate.
      Hugs Jennifer xx