Tuesday, 21 July 2015

'Sneaky Peek' at my MDF Sleigh for Imagination Craft's show on Create & Craft T.V.

Good evening Followers, Friends and Visitors,

Here I am again with another 'sneaky peek' at one of my Santa Sleighs.   These sleighs  are beautifully designed and a pleasure to decorate.   I have chosen to paint this sleigh in blue and  the inside is cyclone.   Only two more days until Sue will be demonstrating her products on Create & Craft T.V.   I really cannot see these sleighs lasting the whole show lol!   O.k. this is how I decorated this one.

These are the parts you will receive in the kit, no glue is needed, the parts just slot into each other, really easy.   Begin by painting the inside of the sleigh parts, with the cyclone MDF paint..   Paint the outside of the sleigh with the very pretty lagoon MDF paint.and leave to dry.


                                            Rub the silver Alchemy wax on the sleigh runners.  

Lay the snowflake crescent  stencil onto the blue side of the sleigh and spread the royal purple Sparkle Medium over it, using the metal spatula.   Do the same on the opposite side.   When dry, fix the pieces together to form the sleigh.

Paint a piece of white card with the dark orchid Starlight paint and leave to dry, this will not take long.   Cut this to size so it will fit onto the front of the sleigh.   Lay the  word 'NOEL' from the  Season's Greeting stencil, onto the centre of this piece of card.   Spread the Royal Purple Sparkle Medium over the word, using the metal spatula.   Remove stencil and leave image to dry.   Glue to the sleigh front.

Do the same with another piece of card but add the words ' SEASONS GREETINGS' and cut to fit the  back of the sleigh and glue in place.   Colour some white card with the white gold Starlight paint and when dry, punch out some small snowflakes and a small tree and some stars, then glue these around the words 'SEASONS GREETINGS.'

                                                Add a white ribbon bow to the back of the seat.

Die-cut two poinsettias from purple card.Using the white gold paint add a pattern onto the flowers using a patterned stencil, leave to dry.  Die-cut another two poinsettias from blue and two from white card.   Colour the white flowesr with the dark orchid Starlight Paint and 3D the flowers, add centres and some white gold paint to the petals and  glue one on each side of the sleigh.

Die-cut two pine branches and paint with the Menthol Starlight paint and glue near the front of the sleigh, one on each side, overhanging the sleigh.     Paint the trees and glue them back to back making them 3D and glue into the sleigh near to the back.

Take two flourishes from the Art Cutz butterfly set , emboss them using a stencil and colour with the dark orchid paint and rub over with some silver Alchemy wax.    Fix one to each side of the sleigh with Magi-bond glue.

The last thing to be done is to make some boxes to go into  the sleigh,  of different sizes, one painted with blue another painted with the white gold Starlight paints.   Another was made using some left over 'secret garden' patterned card  from another project.   Wrap some narrow white ribbon around one of the boxes and glue them in position, inside the sleigh.

   Phew!!   we're finished at last lol!   this does take a little time to decorate but I think it is worth the time spent.   I hope you do too.   I'm off to do some commenting, then it's off to the land of nod for me lol!   had a busy day today!   The good news for me is that I did not have anything to do at the dentist today, not even a cleaning lol!  thank goodness.

See you all again tomorrow night when I will have another project to share with you.   Have a good Wednesday everyone.

                                                                 love and rainbows,

                                                                Big hugs   Jennifer xx.


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