Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Flower Bubbles Card.

Hello everyone,

Hope your week is going well, we're half way through the week.  The weather here has been rather cloudy and showery over the last couple of days and quite chilly.   Autumn is definitely here and there is a nip in the air on a morning now  and our driveway and lawns are covered with fallen leaves!   that will be our next job lol, raking them all up!

Tonight I would like to share a card with you  which I made in March 2016 for Imagination Crafts.    I used

Mixed Media Spray Inks, Detail Sparkle and the Bubble Background stencil.   The flower was made using a scoring board which was given free with one of the craft magazines, sorry cannot remember which magazine!

Begin by folding a ready crease white card down the centre line, making a 7"x7" base card on which to work.

Matt a smaller piece of teal card onto the base card.   Tale a smaller piece of smooth white card and colour with the spray inks.   When dry, lay the Bubble Background stencil onto it and using a brush, cover  the circles with plain  water and  then dab away the water and ink  using a piece of kitchen paper.   This takes away a little of the inks, making the circles  slightly lighter than the background colours.

Outline parts of the circles roughly, using a white pen.   Cut this card into 4 equal squares, and glue one in each corner of the teal card.

Cut 2 strips of  silver mirror card, one thinner than the other.      Glue the widest piece across the centre and the narrowest, from the centre top to the bottom, using Magi-Bond glue.

Colour some white paper with the Fuschia, Yellow amd Green inks.   Shape the flower on the scoring board and cut out, then score along each petal.   Fold along the score lines,   making  the lines on the petal centres, mountain folds and the  lines between each petal, valley folds.
Glue the flower to the centre of the base card.   Score the small flower, cut out and colour with the green ink,      Score down all the score lines, folding as for the larger flower.    Glue this flower to the larger flower.

Using another piece of white paper, which has been coloured with the inks, score all the lines along the strip. and  fold the score lines with alternate mountain and valley folds until you reach the end of the strip.   Cut a 'v' shape out of the end of each fold  along one long edge.   Glue the ends of the strip together, then glue to the flower centre.     Add a little gold Detail Sparkle to the flower centre.
That's all for now from me, so have a happy Thursday and I will be back again quite soon.   I'm off to add more creations to my Pinterest page and Imagination Craft's Pinterest   page.   Catch you all soon.

                                                                Love and rainbows,

                                                        Happy Crafting,  Hugs   Jenifer xx.



  1. This is gorgeous and loving the background. The floral centre piece is wonderful and love the colours.
    Linda xxx

    1. Thank you very much Linda.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.