Friday, 11 May 2018

My 'Sweet Children' Canvas Journal.

Hello there Everyone,

Hope you are all well and enjoying life.   Thank you all for visiting and commenting on my last blog post.   My day has been quiet but  busy, making samples for the Imagination Craft's next shows on the Hochanda T.V. Channel later this month.   Well onto tonight's project, my canvas journal which was given a very quick airing on the last shows at the end of April.

Begin by removing the back and front covers  of the  journal from the spiral spine.   This makes it much easier to decorate.   Colour both with the Pink, Green, Navy blue and White Fashion Spray inks.

When dry, stamp the crackle effect stamp across the top and bottom of the front cover, with White Gold Starlight paint.   Spread some of the paint onto a work mat and dab a piece of cut 'n' dry foam into it, then gently dab onto the stamp, just remember to wash your stamp immediately you have finished stamping, as this paint will dry very quickly and may be difficult to remove later.

Go over this stamping again, using a black ink pad, moving the stamp down a little, giving a slight shadow effect.

Take out all but one of the Magi-Cutz lace designs from the Magi-Cutz leaving the outer square in tact.   Paint with the White gold Starlight paint.

Using scissors, cut out the girls from the rice paper and using the decoupage glue, glue this to a piece of white card.

Glue the Magi-Cutz frame and remaining lace corner onto the rice paper image using Magi-bond glue.   Glue this to the front cover of the journal.

Glue some white lace around the inside edges of the Magi-Cutz  frame.      Colour the key with the White Starlight Wax and glue to the main image.    Glue a pink gem to the top of the key and one in 

each corner of the gold frame.   Take three silk flowers and colour the edges of the petals with a little Gold Shine Sparkle Medium using your finger.   Glue a pink feather to the top left of the Magi-Cutz and glue a lace bow on top.

Glue two flowers to the bottom right corner and one on top of the lace bow.   That is the front cover finished - now for the back cover.

Colour the back with the same colours as the front and stamp the crackle effect stamp around all four edges of the cover, using the same black ink pad and the White gold Starlight paint.   Cut out the rose from the rice paper and  glue as previously, onto some white card using the decoupage glue.

Glue the rose to the centre of the back cover, using Magi-bond tacky glue.

Add some touches of the white gold Starlight wax around  the rose and a little on the rose.

Add some of the wax onto the spiral spine and finally, replace the back and front covers back onto the spine and the journal is finished.

Thank you for reading my blog to the end, sorry it is quite a long one tonight but I do like to show you all the different stages.   That is all from me tonight, have a great weekend and I will be back again quite soon.

                                                                Love and rainbows,

                                                                 Hugs   Jennifer xx.


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  1. This is stunning Jennifer! I love the design both back and front!
    Linda xxx