Monday, 29 August 2016

Starlit Trees MDF Christmas Bauble.

Hi there Followers, Friends and Visitors,

I do hope you have all had a fabulous holiday weekend.   The weather today has been glorious here, in fact I sat out in the garden with a cuppa and my Craft Stamper magazines and spent a relaxing hour.

My Christmas MDF Bauble tonight has a much more modern feel to it.   My first bauble was a traditional one, using traditional colours ie; red green & gold.   My second one has a vintage feel to it.   This was shown on Imagination Craft's latest ODS shows on 27th/28th August 2016, on the Hochanda T.V. Channel.

(1)    Paint both sides and inside edges of the star bauble and the stars bauble with Lagoon MDF paint,
        including the stars and the trees.  Then coat with verdigris Rusty Patina paint.

(2)    Dab some amethyst and silver Starlight paints  around the edges of the front bauble (in this case, the stars bauble.)

(3)   Paint 5 stars with the amethyst and 3 with the silver Starlight paints (on both sides and edges.)   Dab
       some diamond Sparkle Medium on top of the paint with your finger.

(4)    Lay the star tree stencil on the trees and spread the Aqua Sea and Lavender  Sparkle Mediums over
        the stencil using a metal spatula.   As the stencil does not cover the whole of the larger tree, you will
        need to re-position the stencil to cover the bottom half of the  larger tree.   Remove the stencil and
        leave to dry.  

(5)    Colour the edges of the trees with a little amethyst Starlight paint, then with some Verdigris Rusty

(6)   Colour some narrow white ribbon with the amethyst Starlight paint.   When this is dry, (you will find
        it dries very quickly),  make 2 bows and glue to the tops of the trees.

(7)   Die-cut the 'big splash' (a Memory box die) and dab some diamond Sparkle Medium over it, using your
        finger and put aside until it is dry.

(8)    Add some glue to the base of the trees and add some cracked ice glitter.   Gently press the glitter
         into the glue and leave to dry.

(9)    Now the 'big splash' die cut is dry, glue it to the inside edge of the back bauble with the trees on,
         using Magi-bond glue.

(10)   Fix some ribbon o the bauble holder to hang it by, then glue the two MDF baubles together adding
          glue to the inside of each bauble, (the star bauble on top of the tree bauble.)

(11)   Glue a lavender organza bow to the left of the trees and glue a white button, covered with diamond
          Sparkle Medium on top of the bow.

(12)   Paint over the top of the cracked ice at the base of the trees with chalk white |MDF paint, leaving
          a small amount of the cracked ice glitter unpainted.

Another quick look at the finished bauble.   Hope you like this one.   I will be back with another Christmas
MDF bauble tomorrow.   Below is a little taster as to what it looks like.   Have a good week and I'll see you soon.

Many thanks for stopping by my blog and if you have left me a comment, thank you again, I appreciate the time you have taken to comment.  

                                                                 Love and rainbows,

                                                              Crafty Hugs   Jennifer xx.



  1. Another fabulous piece of work Jennifer, gorgeous colours and so much sparkle.
    I've manged to catch up with all the shows and saw all your glorious pieces, love them, Kate x

    1. Thank you so much Kate, so pleased you liked them and that you enjoyed the shows.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.

  2. Beautiful Jennifer, love the colours you have used on this bauble.
    Linda xxx

    1. Thanks ever so much Linda, for your kind words.
      Hugs Jennifer xx.